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  • Xbox One Console Overview Part 3: Used Games & BLU-RAY


    (This is part three of an on going series)

    Xbox One Backwards Compatibility, DRM and Used Games

    If you had any hopes of playing your old Xbox 360 games on Xbox One then forget about it as previous rumors regarding the backwards compatibility has been clearly dismissed. Microsoft has clearly stated that Xbox 360 discs won't be supported on the Xbox One.

    Also, Microsoft will be taking DRM to the next level with Xbox One. Basically when you get your game it will be first installed into your console and using a unique code it will be attached to your console and account. You will no longer need the disk to play the game.

    This disc however cannot be used by anyone else since it is locked into your account. They will have to pay again (probably online) to use this game disc and current info suggests one will need to play full price. However, if you choose to go over to a friend’s house, take the game and then sign in with your own account, then you will be able to play the game. There will also be a online “check” every 24 hours. So according to how things stand, you will need to be online in to play the game. This actually in my opinion is what is going to affect Xbox One’s sales. Don’t know if many people are happy about this arrangement.

    BLU-RAY and Storage

    As rumored before, the new Xbox One will be coming with a Blu-ray drive and also a 500GB SSD hard drive. Well although 500GB is pretty hefty, I wonder how much space will be left overall if we need to install all our games before we get to play them. Well at least it will be quieter, faster and cooler than the mechanical hard drives.

  • Xbox One Console Overview Part 2: Release Date & Processor

    (This is part two of an on going series)


    Release Date

    No official date has been revealed yet but Microsoft has confirmed that they will start shipping Xbox One by the end of 2013. Considering both Xbox and Xbox 360 were launched in November in the US, it is safe to assume that they would do the same for Xbox One. Now that’s something to put down on the Christmas shopping list!

    Processor and Graphics

    Even though not 100% official but it has been pretty much concluded that the Xbox One is going to use AMD CPU and graphics and using the x86 architecture. The console is also rumored to use two GPUs tandem, most likely a powerful main GPU and a smaller media centric GPU designed to reduce power consumption when watching videos or playing music.

    Currently the GPU rumored to be used belongs to the 7000-series AMD GPU, more specifically a GPU based on the the Radeon HD 7790 graphics card. There rumors match the previously leaked info in the Durango development kit documentation. The biggest advantage that can be seen from using off-shelf components is that developers would be have to go through a much shorter learning curve and thus release games faster!

  • Xbox One Console Overview Part 1: Intro & Price

    (This is part one of an on going series)


    Well unless you have been living under a rock there is little chance that you missed Microsoft’s reveal of their next generation console we have been dreaming off for month, the Xbox One. Over the course of this week we will be doing an on going series covering all of the information related to the Xbox One that is currently available.

    For those of you who don’t know about this console and those who do know and are planning on grabbing one this holiday season, we have compiled this list of currently known Xbox One features to help you out.

    Here's the Xbox One Reveal Video –


    The exact price has not been revealed yet (big surprise there eh?). I guess they are saving that up for E3 barely a few weeks away or maybe even not then! Just like what Nintendo did with the Wii U, Microsoft might just reveal the price somewhere around September just before the November release. But according to rumors (which I trust now since most of the rumors regarding Xbox One have come true!) the Xbox One will come with a price tag of around $400 (American).

    The price is actually lower than the initial launch prices of the current generation consoles (Playstation 3 - $600) but, the drawback seems to be that the games might be more expensive. According to rumors, the prices of the games are going to be marked up by $10, making some games $70 at launch. These games better be good for someone to even remotely consider buying at that price! No more gimmicky movie based games please.

  • Xbox One Modded Controller


    The staff at Controller Creator was anxiously listening to the Xbox One reveal today, and we were very impressed with the new controller and console!

    We are so excited that we have already begun creating a game plan to create incredible Xbox One shells and Xbox One mods!

    What else was announced at the reveal? Call of Duty: Ghosts is going to be released on the new console in addition to the title’s Xbox 360 and PS3 release. EA Sports also fully demoed their Ignite engine, which utilizes Microsoft’s new hardware for their sports title as well as for more Battlefield. Controller Creator is ready and excited to start making next gen rapid fire controllers compatible for Call of Duty: Ghosts and EA’s next First-Person Shooter offering, which is likely to be Battlefield 4.

    We are excited to begin creating custom imaging and modifications for the new Xbox One. The first mod we will tackle will be a Rapid Fire Xbox One Modded Controller which will give all of our fans the fastest firing rate and enable them to destroy the competition on the new console!

  • Two new DLC Costume Packs for Injustice

    New DLC Packs Injustice

    NetherRealm has recently added two brand new costume packs available to download as DLC for their DC super hero based Injustice: Gods Among Us.

    The two new packs include the Teen Titans pack which includes a new alternate costume for Cartoon Networks’ Raven, Cyborg and Deathstroke, and the Bad Girls pack, which includes a new costume for three of the badder girls found within the DC universe. Players will get access to the Classic Harley Quinn costume, Catwoman’s Selina Kyle style suit, and Wonder Woman #600 version of the Amazonian princess.

    Both costume packs cost $2.99 each and won’t be included in the Injustice season pass unfortunately.

    If you want to get yourself a free skin though, players can download a compatibility patch that comes with a free flashpoint skin for Batman.

    Written by David Ausberry

  • Borderlands 2 Will Have Sixth Playable Character Soon with Krieg the Psycho

    Krieg New BL2 Character

    We heard a little bit about Krieg the Psycho at PAX East about a month ago, but since then we’ve had to wait around for the character to actually reach the game. However, the release date is now in sight, and will hit consoles and the PC on May 14th.

    The Krieg DLC will cost $10 (or 800 MS) points and will give players the ability to play as Krieg. Krieg is a melee based character that can regain health by attacking enemies with his Buzz Axe.

    He has a tree dedicated to giving extra bonus damage from explosive kills called the Bloodlust tree, a tree for the Buzz Axe that can make recharge time faster and increase health bonuses from killing enemies called the Mania tree, and a tree called the Hellborn tree that can give players extra burn damage when Krieg is on fire.

    As it sounds, Krieg is a fast paced character that seems to involve a lot more action in his combat than other characters. Hopefully he has a decent amount of health to make his melee ability useful.

    Unfortunately Krieg isn’t included in the season pass, so everyone will have to pay the $10 to be able to play as him.

    Written by David Ausberry

  • Watch Dogs Looks to Bring the Sandbox to the Next Generation


    Ubisoft is looking to get a jump into the next generation of gaming with their highly anticipated title Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs is an open play style game that has the look of a Rockstar styled Sandbox game. This new open world game takes complete advantage of the next generation consoles abilities. Watch Dogs takes place in the not too distant future in a city that looks a lot like Chicago. From what we have seen so far the game revolves around the character Aiden Pearce who is a vigilante and is involved in what has been described as information warfare.

    watchdogs-modded controller

    The story of Watch Dogs puts the player in a world where all information is connected and data and access is a currency that has a value that is worth killing and dying for. In the city that the player free roams there is a new super computer system that basically has access and can control every piece of technology within the city limits. This super computer, “CtOS" (Central Operating System), has information on all persons and activities that are happening at any given moment. The player, Aiden Pearce, is a super-efficient hacker that will learn how to access more and more of the CtOC to pursue his vigilante purposes. Aiden is supposedly to use the CtOS to bring his own form of justice to the streets. He can listen in on calls, intercept video feeds, intercept text messages, and even control vehicles to get the job done. Aiden is not only a hacker but he apparently is a bit of a ninja as well based on the actions and fight scenes that have been made available. The way the character moves is fluid and very parkour while he also appears to have all the training necessary to use some pretty heavy grade tactical equipment.

    watchdogs-modded controllers.jpg

    The overall look of Watch Dogs seems like one of the assassins from Ubisoft's other games have somehow made their way into the world of GTA. The Game looks exciting and the potential for open ended action in a huge detailed city is always a plus. The concept behind using an all connected CtOS to gather information to bring vigilante justice to the dark streets is epic. How you utilize Aiden’s hacking abilities can determine if you come in guns blazing or keep to the shadows. Watch Dogs has created a lot of interest out on the net and we can’t wait to see how the next generation systems will show off this possible classic.

    Written by David Ausberry

  • Bio-Ware is gearing up for Dragon Age III


    Dragon Age is a title that has had its ups and downs for its two releases. The original Dragon Age was ground breaking and immersive, with an evolving story and a level of freedom. This type of game had never been experienced in that generation of console games. The second Dragon age tried to build on its predecessor’s success with new gameplay innovations that unfortunately didn’t go over all that well. With Bio-Ware’s experience in this arena we can look forward to promising third installment to the franchise. The new Dragon Age will try to combine the better of the two releases and make up for it’s not so well received 2nd attempt.

    Dragon Age 3

    We can expect that Dragon Age III: Inquisition will change the combat formula to a more squad based approach that will have a focus on preparation and field positions.  This means we won’t be button mashing through combat any longer and how we approach the engagements can win or lose the fight. We can also look forward to more advanced customization options in game. These customization options would include color options and fit adjustments for armor depending on characters. Lastly Bio-Ware has confirmed that the player will start the game in control of a castle and on area of the game in particular is larger than all the areas from the previous games combined.

    Dragon Age 3 Inquisition

    The story behind Dragon Age III: Inquisition will involve a massive civil war that will pit the Templar legions against the league of Mages. The main character in Dragon Age III: Inquisition will be a new protagonist to the series however it has been hinted that the previous player characters will be possibly making appearances in this episode or in new downloadable content. Finally, it has been rumored that your previous saved games can be applied to your new game so that your previous decisions will have an impact on your current game world. Bio-Ware has also share that the new Dragon Age will run on the Frostbite 2 engine.

    Dragon Age 3 Inquisition modded controllers

    We hope to see Dragon Age III: Inquisition sometime next year. We can also guess that this release to be available on the next generations’ consoles since the release date will be after the holidays. The Dragon Age series has a compelling and addictive brand of story and game play. As the months pass we will become privy to more exciting news about a title that already sounds like a winner. Let’s hope that Bio-Ware has learned what is necessary to create a blockbuster with their third installment of Dragon Age.

    Written by David Ausberry

  • Bethesda takes it back with Wolfenstein: The New Order

    new order-modded controllers

    The Wolfenstein series is where the first person shooter genre planted its roots and all FPS games since have used it's example whether they realize it or not. Bethesda has decided to bring this piece of gaming history back to life with a new installment. There is not much to go on at this point but what we do know is that it’s basically a retelling of the original story.

    new order-modded controller

    Wolfenstein: The New Order will take place in an alternative 1960 timeline in which the Nazi regime won World War 2. The main character from the previous games is back, William B.J. Blazkowicz. Just as before, the mission is so impossible that they send you in as a last resort. You will be expected to acquire and utilize Nazi weapons against their makers in your attempt to bring the Nazis down and recapture strong point. The game will be set in Europe as the previous installments and we can expect to see levels that involve castle infiltrations, dungeon crawls, experimental labs, and other weird places. The available screenshots do boast some pretty impressive graphics and the game has a very dark and spooky look to it. The one aspect that grabs attention is the Nazis have apparently created some type of mech(giant robot) technology and these things look very dangerous. We can only hope that as players we will be able to commandeer and pilot these walking tanks and other cool contraptions.

    wolfenstein-new order-modded controllers

    With all the rumors, few facts, and the few screenshots that have been released we have a lot to look forward to on the months to come as more of the game is revealed. Bethesda has confirmed their intent to publish this title however they are not in complete control of the game. The actual development house for Wolfenstein: The New Order is a company by the name MachineGames and there has been a disturbing announcement that revealed that Wolfenstein: The New Order will be a single player only game. This is somewhat discouraging because we haven’t seen a single player FPS since the original Wolfenstein. We can only hope that this will not impact the game but it is hard to see how it won’t as games have become increasingly online focused. Speculation will do us no good at this point and we can only wait and see.

    Written by David Ausberry

  • EA Will Keep the Star Wars Games Coming

    star wars modded controller

    EA and Disney have decided to put their heads together to keep the Star Wars series as a relevant platform for game productions in the years to come. EA and Disney signed, "a new multi-year exclusive licensing agreement to develop and publish globally new games based on Star Wars characters and story lines." EA stands to take hold of one of the most popular story platforms available through this move. Games have been produced based on the Star Wars universe for almost as long as we have been playing video games as a whole and it seems only right to keep the heritage alive.

    EA-Disney-modded controller

    After the agreement was signed EA now looks forward to “develop and publish new Star Wars titles for a core gaming audience, spanning all interactive platforms and the most popular game genres, while Disney will retain certain rights to develop new titles within the mobile, social, tablet and online game categories." It also appears that EA is wasting no time to get things moving because they went on to reveal that EA already has 3 major development houses already working on the next group of games. The production and development teams that were named as “already at work” are Mass Effect developer BioWare, Dead Space developer Visceral, and Battlefield developer DICE.  Based on these development groups’ track records we can expect some serious titles with the name Star Wars attached to them in the future.

    EA Labels president Frank Gibeau spoke and related the excitement level that this agreement has introduced for EA. Gibeau stated, “Every developer dreams of creating games for the Star Wars universe,” Gibeau said. “Three of our top studios will fulfill that dream, crafting epic adventures for Star Wars fans. DICE and Visceral will produce new games, joining the BioWare team which continues to develop for the Star Wars franchise. The new experiences we create may borrow from films, but the games will be entirely original with all new stories and gameplay.” We can look forward to the new Star Wars games from EA to utilize the new Frostbite 3 development engine. By throwing their newest and best at the task EA is proving their commitment to the Star Wars endeavor. With this amazing Frostbite engine already being set as the ground work for development we will be sure to see some stunning graphics, crisp gameplay, and great environments in the new titles.  This is all great news for those who are fans of the Star Wars universe and we can expect, through this collaboration between Disney and EA, A bright future of Star Wars games.

    Written by David Ausberry

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