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  • Bungie: Multiplayer Is Encouraged for Destiny

    I don’t know about you guys but I am dying for this game’s release, and primarily excited for the multiplayer aspect.

    UnknownThe fact that co-op was mandatory was a misconception that arose from Game Informer’s interview with Bungie’s James Jones. Bungie community manager Eric Osborne confirmed in the NeoGAF forums that you don’t need to team up with other players to play the story mission in Destiny.

    He said, "You aren't required or forced to play any story missions in Destiny as part of a co-op group." He said that the single elements will hopefully get players more interested in the universe, and which is why they might opt to play with others. He added that the social experiences can be "incredibly powerful and interesting," but players have the freedom to go completely solo if they wish. Although, it's likely that some of Destiny's end-game content could require co-op:

    "We describe it in a lot of ways as sloping the floor towards socialization, without putting a requirement on it. I would say that there’s some sort of--if you wanted to talk about it in MMO terms, you’d say 'end-game activities', but some of the most intense non-competitive activities in the game do require co-operation.

    They require a group of players to tackle at once. I guess at some variable, distant endpoint we are going to say, 'Yeah, if you show up at this door, and you don’t have five friends, you’re not going to be able to succeed,' but the core experience that solo players have enjoyed in shooters, they’re going to be able to get that, and we’re going to pull many of them into social experiences as well."

  • Ubisoft on Watch Dogs: "Just Wasn't Ready"

    Everyone was disappointed by Watch Dogs’ delay. There was no way that this could’ve been avoided. There was a crazy hype behind such an innovative and beautiful looking game. But Ubisoft had its reasons.Watch-Dogs-Ubisoft-2013

    As expected it wasn’t’ a easy decision for Ubisoft and in a recent interview with IGN, Ubisoft North America president Laurent Detoc, he said the decision was ultimately "very intense." He continued to say,

    "I think one of the fascinating things about this industry is that you can go from genius to idiot in an extremely short time frame. These are some of those moments, where you’re riding sky high on Watch Dogs or Rayman, and then suddenly you have to break it to the outside world, and sometimes even convince the inside people. Not everybody agrees. You have to say, ‘this is in the best interest of the product, to do this,’ because at the end of the day we’re going to be able to do this extra fine tuning."

    He also add that the game "just wasn't ready" and that initially they believed that the game would be go for its November launch as of Gamescom (which was in August). He said that if released then the game might have been called "best-rated game on next-gen," saying Ubisoft is "breaking ground" on certain gameplay assets. However this was still not good enough. He mentioned Grand Theft Auto V as a bar that they wanted to overcome.

    Hey I am okay with waiting, but now they just increased the expectation level by that much more. I am sure we will be wowed by the game, but preconceived expectations are tough to match.

  • PS Plus Members Get Killzone Multiplayer For Free and More

    Everyone who has a PlayStation 4 probably has a PS Plus account and Killzone Shadow Fall. So basically, this little incentive is aimed at getting those gamers who are still testing out the water, to jump in and have a swim.

    It was just revealed this week on the PlayStation Blog that, Plus members will be getting their hands on the free multiplayer trial for Shadow Fall. This would basically allow the gamers to jump in on the massive 24 player battlefield and see for how much fun it is for themselves.

    PS-PlusIn addition to that, the trippy and challenging Dyad was also added to the Instant Game Collection for free. There is no reason for one to own a PlayStation device and not to own a Plus account.

    The holiday sales is also pretty crazy with the following deals - Limbo for only $3.75 (original price: $14.99), Far Cry 3 for $17.99 (originally $29.99), PixelJunk Shooter 2 for only $2.50 (originally $9.99), and God of War: Ascension just $10 (originally $40).

  • Sony Says Creation of New IP Is "Critically Important" for PlayStation

    Although PS4 fans have known this for a while, it is definitely nice to hear this from Sony. Many gamers have said for a while that PlayStation platforms often feature unique and cutting-edge IPs, and that Sony seems dedicated to bringing fresh and innovative software. In a recent interview with MCV, SCE president Andrew House restated this view.

    "In terms of sheer breadth and depth, we are in a better shape in terms of third-party support for this console launch than certainly any I've ever launched. We are more committed to new IP establishment and delivery than most other platform holders out there."

    To this he added that the production of new IPs is “critically important” for the PlayStation universe to thrive. That is why new IPS like The Order 1886 will be making their appearance. It also goes without saying that those franchises that had their beginning on the PS3 will continue to exist on the PS4.

    PlayStation_AppThe reason we don’t see many new IPs is basically because they are risky. The gaming industry tends to thrive and reward established franchises. Regardless, there is an immense demand for fresh new IPs, and the establishment of new interactive approaches and originality is well worth the risk.


  • Battlefield 4 Receives another Major Patch

    Battlefield 4 has been nothing but trouble for EA, and really hurt the consumer outlook on DICE. Since its launch it has been plagued with problems which patches and updates have not yet been able to fix completely. At last however there seems to be a new patch that might really improve the multiplayer stability.

    DICE released their new major patch for the troubled shooter for the PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360 versions of BF4. To get an idea of the total list of things that the patch fixed on the PS4 version just check out this site

    It seems that all three patches fix the “kill trading” issue that DICE already fixed for the PC version. As for Xbox One, they are still working on a similar big patch that should be solving the same issues fixed in other console versions.

    No version of BF4 has been free of issues. Players have experienced crashes and freezing issues, and although some problems have been solved by the patches, others remain. Seeing how dire the situation is EA has already come out and said that they are not going to release any DLC till the game is completely stable, although that doesn’t seem like a difficult decision to come across. Why would you even think about selling DLC if the game doesn’t even work? battlefield-4-ps4_0

  • GTAV Update: "Floating City" Removed and Capture the Flag Added

    Well it was fun while it lasted. Every player already knows this but for those who didn’t, the “floating city” was located on skies of Los Santos and could be explored easily with a helicopter. This area was actually North Yanton and was the snowy section shown in GTAV's prologue.

    GTA V Story DLCBut it no longer exists. According to Rockstars’ website, the recent update 1.08 fixed that glitch. Not only that, the patch also increased the cash payouts for losing in Last Team Standing, Team Deathmatch, and Multi-Lap-Races.

    Although all is not bad as this patch also added the Capture the Flag mode, which is always tons of fun. I hope Rockstar is hearing us out and will add the “many more floating cities” in the next patch from which we can sky dive all over Los Santos!

  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for Next Gen Consoles

    For those of you who haven’t played Tomb Raider (2012) remake yet, which tells the newly imagined origin story of Lara Croft, this game might just be the one for you. It seems that in about a few days, January 28, 2014, the revamped Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition will release in North America for next-gen consoles.

    Tomb_Raider_Definitive_Edition_13848054084797During the initial announcement they revealed that the game would run natively in 1080p along with there visual upgrades, such as Lara's "more realistic" hair. Seems there was much more than that was revealed.  Executive producer Scot Amos answered some questions concerning the new version and whether they would come out with a patch to make the PC version look better. To this he said they were already happy with the PC version and further elaborated what to expect from the Xbox One and PS4 version.

    "The work that went into the PS4 and Xbox One versions started at the end of the X360/PS3/PC versions. They were our foundation that we then built on top of. The amount of extra work - 3 studios and a full year of development - have pushed the boundaries beyond just TressFX and upgraded textures.

    We now have a new particle system, new lighting work and enhanced shadow-casters, tons of more visual storytelling elements (more debris, more details on walls, more density in the environment for vegetation), upgraded characters (Lara and main story NPCs), and we've also put all of the DLC materials into this version for PS4/Xbox One. We are very happy with the PC version we released and felt these new additions and changes were something custom just for next-gen consoles at the moment."

  • EA Might Get Sued Over Issues with Battlefield 4

    EA is not having the best of time right now. It seems that their highly anticipated launch title Battlefield 4 is creating more problems, bigger than what they had faced before.

    A US law firm Holzer Holzer and Fistel, LLC is currently conducting an investigation over whether EA mislead its investors during Battlefield 4's development and post-launch. The firm will specifically investigate whether EA complied with "federal securities laws" when making public statements regarding Battlefield 4 between the days of July 24 and December 4 2013.

    battlefield-4-ps4_0According to a press release from the firm, "The investigation focuses on statements issued during that time regarding the development and sales of the Company's Battlefield 4 video game and the game's impact on EA's revenue and projects moving forward,".  The release also continued on to urge those who had suffered losses on EA common stock purchased between those dates to be in touch with the firm.

    The firm, Holzer Holzer and Fistel specializes in representation of investors victimized by securities fraud and other corporate corruption. Although this is not a lawsuit, it might turn into one very soon. EA has not been in great shape considering the various complaints about its game from unstable servers, to dodgy DLCs and numerous bugs.

    The issues are so severe that Microsoft has been refunding Battlefield 4 premium members who are unhappy with their purchase. Recently an EA representative told IGN that the developer DICE will “not be moving onto future projects or expansions until we sort out all the issues with Battlefield 4”.  DICE might have just lost a chunk of its credibility and fan base. They were so close to taking over the fans unhappy with the same old routine of the Call of Duty franchise. They just took a major step back this time, not really sure if they will ever recover.

  • Future Assassin’s Creed 4 DLC Revealed –Blackbeard’s Wrath

    It seems that the future DLC for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag will let players play as Blackbeard in the game's multiplayer.

    ps4_assassinsThis bit of info was first revealed from the Trophy set posted in PS3Trophies. The info suggested that Blackbeard is set to become one of the three new classes added to AC 4’s multiplayer, in addition to The Orchid and The Jaguar previously mentioned.

    According to the site, a trophy called "Queen Anne's Revenge" will be unlocked by performing both an acrobatic and a gun kill in under ten seconds while playing as Blackbeard. Ubisoft has just recently confirmed this DLC which is named Blackbeard’s Wrath, and represents the first multiplayer DLC for AC4. This DLC will be available on all current/next gen consoles and PC for $2.99. It will also be free for those who are Season Pass holders.

    Info on the new characters being added to the multiplayer -

    • Blackbeard – his skillset based around his strength to to throw targets off balance and finishing them off with one clean strike
    • The Orchid – trained while erving as a military advisor during China's Qing Dynasty will rely heavily on her blade
    • The Jaguar – Aztec warrior from Mexico. Works with the Templars and uses a discreet axe in combat
  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Release Date Announced + Price + More Freebies from Kojima

    metal_gear_solid_5_cover_art_by_shenani-d4qs9x1Although initially Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes was supposed to be launched March 18, 2014, it seems it has been delayed by a few days. Konami has confirmed that the current launch dates have been set to 20th March 2014 in Europe, and a few days later after launch in North America.

    Additionally each of the next gen consoles will be receiving an exclusive bonus mission. According to a newly released trailer, Xbox One and Xbox 360 users will be getting a mission called 'Jamais Vu' which will let gamers play as Raiden. Playstation gamers on the other hand will be able to play the 'Deja Vu' exclusive mission, which would let them play as Classic Snake.

    “Jamais Vu” Raiden Reveal Trailer:

    “Déjà vu” Classic Snake Trailer:

    An interview with series creator Hideo Kojima on Xbox Wire accompanies the news, where the celebrated auteur talked about his feelings on the next-generation consoles.

    "I'm most looking forward to the "pseudo-cloud" era that the next generation of hardware will bring. It's still one step away from the "true" cloud revolution, but it will allow players to interact with their games, and each other in new and exciting ways using multiple devices such as tablets and smart devices. Social experiences and player interaction are what will drive the next wave of games."

    He also mentioned that his favorite character in Metal Gear is probably Otacon, "He's a character who proudly identifies himself as an "Otaku" (Japanese for "geek"), but is still able to survive and hold his own in the midst of all these amazing heroic characters, despite the fact that he himself never engages in battle."

    In addition Kojima said that Ground Zeroes save on their console when they boot up MGS V: The Phantom Pain will receive some sort of reward. As of now the prequel to MSG V: The Phantom Pain will be available PS3 and Xbox 360 for £29.99 in stores and for £19.99 for digital copies, while digital versions for Xbox One and PS4 will cost £29.99. In North America however, the game will cost a lot cheaper, at $19.99 on current gen and $29.99 on next PS4 and Xbox One.

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