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  • Xbox One 10% GPU Boost Without the Kinect: How It Works


    We've known for some time now that 10% of the Xbox One’s graphics processing unit was reserved for the Kinect. Now that Xbox One is being shipped without the Kinect, that 10% can be used for something else. But how does it actually work? What can we actually expect? What features are going to be compromised?

    In a chat with Eurogamer, Microsoft Studios Ken Lobb explained what this means for the players, and also assured current Kinect owners that they will not suffer any compromise in voice control and game capture despite the changes.

    Lobb explained, "Lots of people ask, 'so, you're taking back the GPU reserve for Kinect. Well, does that mean I can't say, 'Xbox, record that?' No. You can always say that. If someone says, 'Xbox record that,' it will work on 100 per cent of the games, if you have a Kinect."

    He revealed that Microsoft has implemented a flexible system which allows to moderate the GPU and RAM based on what the user wants to do. This means that just because you don’t have a Kinect, it doesn’t mean you have more RAM. It is just that the operating system has been optimized to allow “flipping back and forth”.

    He further explained, that it will listen to the user some of the time, "and then pulling back if it's needed for a frame to go, he said, 'record that,' go record this thing. And you have to count for that whether you're using Kinect or not. But you get the full memory and the full bandwidth."

    But eventually it lies in the hands of the developers. If they create a game where Kinect has no involvement, the gesture and visual recognition will be disabled till the game is closed. For now there is promise in this. According to Bungie they have been able to increase the resolution and fps of the Xbox One version to match that of the PS4. Maybe this will finally allow Xbox One to close the performance gap it had from the PS4.


  • Destiny's Trophy List Detailed


    Bungie has revealed the full list of achievements that players will have a shot of achieving. In total there are about 40 of them and needless to say, it will take you some time to get them all. Better get your schedule in order for this.

    In order to get the “Platinum Trophy” you will have to master all the three character classes available and also kill a lot of the four main types of enemies in the game. Check out the achievements after the jump!

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  • GTA V on PS4 Getting 'Something Special'


    GTA V is coming to the PS4 and will be bringing some exclusive content. Nothing has yet been confirmed but in a conversation between Kotaku's Stephen Totilo and Rockstar's North American Marketing VP John Koller, there were mentions of “something special” for PlayStation fans.

    Kotaku: I there anything to that particular deal or that particular offering that will make it better-suited to play on PS4 instead on any other platforms?

    Koller: I don't think we announced anything publicly on that, but there will be. I think GTA V is a title that did extremely well on the PlayStation 3. In fact... the index rate...—the index rate is the amount of people who purchase one platform or the other relative to the install base—it swung well in PlayStation's favor for GTA V, a lot of it because of the partnership we had with Rockstar. We would expect that to happen here, too. GTA is a PlayStation franchise. It started with us. We really feel strongly that it belongs as a key platform driver for us.

    Kotaku: You're saying that you can't say what it is, but that there will be something special for PlayStation owners?

    Koller: GTA V is going to be, I think, a title we'll talk about more in the weeks and months to come, but GTA V and the GTA franchise is something that will be something very special on PlayStation 4.

    Only time will tell what exactly that "something very special" will be. If we are to find out more over the following weeks, then I guess there is quite a bit to reveal. Is there going to be an upgrade option for those who own the PS3 version of GTA V?

  • Uncharted 4 Details: Story and Gameplay


    After months of speculation we got to see a trailer for Uncharted 4 at E3, officially unveiled as Uncharted4 : A Thief’s End. Now gamers everywhere are hungry for details.

    If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out below. There had be talk about the tech behind the game being amazing. Although it was just a 30 second movie, the graphics looked insane.

    In a video released by Sony, Naughty Dog bosses Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley talked about how their involvement with the The Last of Us influenced the way they are tackling Uncharted 4. They also added how the capabilities of the PS4 really allowed them to really create something extraordinary.

    "[With] The Last of Us, we went to great lengths to try to create this reality, but we were still limited by the amount of overdraw the PS3 could handle, etc. Now, the PS4 is allowing us to push so much more density, so it's fun to go back and go like, 'Oh, look at the things we wish we could have done in Uncharted 1, it's just like, this is easy, let's just make this.' It's nice to be able to explore something and look back and go, 'Wow, remember when we couldn't do any of this?' It's kind of neat."

    The official synopsis for the storyline has also been revealed. Although not completely clear, it does give an idea of what to expect. Drake has supposedly been "forced back into the world of thieves" to discover a "fabled pirate treasure." The name of the game, however, has everyone wondering -- will this be the last Uncharted game, or will it be the last time we see Drake?

    Straley also gave a bit of info regarding the gameplay as well.

    "Gameplay-wise, we're just going deeper and richer with all the mechanics. It's still going to be a roller-coaster ride and it's still going to have that pacing. We still want you on the edge of your seat, but at the same time, we want to make sure that you as players - I, as a player - want to play this thing and feel invested. And we want to make sure we have that with the epic, with the pacing, with the characters that we're known for."

    All in all it sounds amazing. Can’t wait to find out more!

  • 51 New Facts about Driveclub


    Let’s jump straight into the facts. The 51 facts are divided across 7 different traits of the game and were revealed by the kind folks at Playstation Blog.


    1. 1. NASA data was used to accurately map out the night sky — so wherever you are in the world you’ll see the correct star constellations for your location.2. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the northern lights — it’s possible to see the aurora borealis from the northern tracks in Norway, Scotland, and Canada.3. All clouds are full 3D models to ensure accurate light diffusion from the sun. They’re calculated at massive distances in a fully volumetric form, so thin clouds cast lighter shadows than dense storm clouds, and their color impacts the feel of the landscapes and cars.4. Skies are uniquely generated every time you play, so just like in real life you’ll never see the same sky twice. Unless you’re replaying somebody’s challenge, in which case it’ll replicate exactly to ensure a level playing field.

      5. You can play with settings to speed up or slow down the day/night cycle. With some circuits taking over a couple of minutes per lap, at 60x accelerated speed with a judicious choice of start time, it’s possible to experience two sunrises and sunsets in one race. Both of which will be completely different to each other.

      6. Clouds react dynamically to different wind speeds. This is then converted into a ground wind speed which accurately interacts with all vegetation, overhead cables and other environmental features, based on their height from the ground.

    7. Waves and rippling on the surface of lakes is dynamically linked to wind speed, which affects how clear reflections are in the water.

     Click for more details after the jump!

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  • PS Vita to rely on indie titles and remote play


    It seems Sony has a new plan of supporting the Vita. If you were surprised by the lack of AAA exclusives for the Vita this E3 it is mainly because Sony has stopped pushing those titles for the Vita. It definitely sounds like a risky plan but I guess they have considered the possibilities.

    For now it seems that they are planning on relying on the massive number of indie games coming out and also by improving the connectivity features of the Vita. In an interview with Polygon, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said,

    "When we launched the Vita with Uncharted, it was amazing; PS3-like quality in your palm, but as time moved on, you are seeing PS4 quality and people's expectations for the graphic fidelity has gone up."

    Well what he says does make sense. The expectation we have of games now are quite high. You can say we have been quite spoiled by all the eye candy. That is why Shuhei Yoshida considers themselves lucky for the increased popularity of the indie games. He added,

    "It's very fortunate that the indie boom happened and they are providing lots of great content to Vita. I think [indies are] actually the biggest star to help provide great content to Vita going forward."

    In response to whether this meant that Sony will now be making less first-party Vita games, Yoshida’s answer was a simple yes. So what do you guys think? Does this hurt the Vita more or was this a wise decision?

  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Details – Release Date, Story, Gameplay, Pre-Order Bonus


    So there have been more updates regarding Borderlands:  The Pre-Sequel. The new trailer showed off some of the new features of the game, including excessive moon dancing?

    Developer Gearbox Software officially announced that Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will launch on October 14, 2014. Some of the new enemies and environments were shown off in the trailer. Check it out here:

    According to 2K, they collaborated with Dance Central creator Harmonix to get Claptrap to copy the dance routine from Borderlands 2's Doomsday trailer. They also revealed the pre-order bonus, The Shock Drop Slaughter Pit:

    "Enter the Shock Drop Slaughter Pit and face off against the toughest Scavs on Pandora's moon, Elpis! Survive the battle and you'll be feared and respected by the few left alive… not to mention the experience and gear you'll earn!"

    The Pre-Sequel is set before Borderlands 2 but right after Borderlands 1. It will only be available for last gen consoles, meaning the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and also on PC. The following link shows off a bit of the gameplay. Check it out!

  • Destiny PS4 Bundle Dated and Priced


    The PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle has been officially announced! If you haven’t gotten your PlayStation 4 yet, this might be the opportunity you have been waiting for.

    According to recent reports, Destiny has been placed on the number 1 spot for most wanted game. The pre-orders are already piling up, mainly because of the substantial incentive. Players who pre-order can actually join the beta when it opens up. Currently, the game is expected to sell between 10 to 15 million copies after launch.

    The bundle will include a Glacier White DualShock 4 controller, 1 month subscription to PlayStation Plus, Destiny, and the Glacier White PS4 console of course. Currently the bundle has been priced at $449/€439 and also Sony will be offering the new white PS4 as a standalone at €399. I won’t be surprised if the white PS4 also makes its way to the US.

    The bundles hit shelves on the 9th of September 2014, along with the release of the game. So in case you are going to get the bundle, you might want to keep a mental note of the date. It would be sad if it sold out.

  • Battlefield Hardlines


    Battlefield Hardline has definitely caught a lot of people’s attention. The lucky few who have had the chance to participate in the beta have unanimously called it a fun experience. It really just feels like Battlefield 4, with a cops and robbers twist to it. I guess there is something innately satisfying in jumping out of a helicopter to thwart a heist.

    This time around instead of DICE it is Visceral Games, developers of Dead Space, who are developing the game. Some pre-E3 news identified four the classes we will be seeing game (Enforcer, Mechanic, Operator and Professional), along with a multiplayer map (called Downtown), and game modes called Heist, Rescue, Hotwire, Blood Money, Bomb Squad and Carrier Assault. The folks at Battlefield Daily also managed to get hold of some in-game awards:

    The game is currently set for release this fall, 21st October 2014, on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Battlefield Premium will again be supporting this game.

  • Uncharted 4 Is On The Way


    This is indeed a welcome change of pace for fans of the franchise. Recent news had made it seem that there was nothing but trouble brewing for the upcoming Uncharted 4.  We had seen a lot of important figures leaving Naughty Dog, most of whom played major roles in the Uncharted series.

    At a point there was doubt as to if the game is being developed at all. Based on the people who left the team it was becoming obvious that Naughty Dog had decided to change the direction of their game. Fortunately it seems whatever they did worked since industry insiders Ahsan Rasheed and Tidux seem very impressed with the current state of the game.

    This is what they had to say to DualShockers. Rasheed's commented, "Uncharted PS4 visuals will make you say, 'Quantum/Order/Division who?' Stupidly impressive tricks and tech." While Tidux commented, "Just seen a new build of Uncharted, I have no words #GreatnessAwaits #PS4"

    According to them it seems that the setting is in a tropical area vaguely reminiscent of the original Uncharted game, Drake’s Deception.

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