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  • Dual Shock 4 Can Be Used With PS3



    It is always great to have a few extra controllers. Although we won’t be able to use the Dual Shock 3 with the PS4, at least we will be able to use the DS4 with the PS3. Initially it was said determined that the DS4 could be used only if it was connected to the PS3 via a cable.

    That definitely was going to be an annoyance considering that length of the wire. Good news now is that they have changed their plans. After the recent 4.60 update, the DS4 will work without the cable. All you have to do is sync it with the PS3 with the cable and then you can use it wirelessly.

    For now all the functionalities are not available such as the six axis control, vibration or the touch pads. Other than that everything is just as it would be. You can check out the details here on Reddit.

    Even if the touch controls never get activated, I guess future updates will surely allow the vibration and six axis controls to be used.

  • PS4 Sales Pass 9 Million Units; Sony Didn’t Anticipate Unbundling of Kinect from Xbox One So Soon


    The PS4 sales are as strong as always. Microsoft also reported a sale of about 5 million Xbox Ones (according to Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison) but by then it seems the PS4 has reached total sales of 9 million units. Seems the Xbox One has still a way to go before catching up.

    Just about a month ago, 9th of June to be exact, Microsoft officially revealed their intentions of unbundling the Kinect with the Xbox One. This dropped the overall price of the console to $399, the exact same price as that of the PS4. This definitely gave Xbox One a better fighting chance.

    This move was being expected, even suggested by many, but no one expected that Microsoft would do it so soon. Before even a year had passed since the official launch. One such surprised individual was no other than Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Worldwide Studios’ president. In an interview with Eurogamer he expressed his thoughts:

    "Some media people totally believed they should have done it earlier, but some other media people thought it was a unique selling point. Personally, I was expecting that at some point in the future they'd unbundle Kinect, but I wasn't expecting it this early. My interpretation was the management change had really helped them to reset and re-sync everything. And since then they've been consistent."

    Thanks to the new price, analysts are expecting the sales of Xbox One to rise, even expecting that it will be able to catch up to the PS4, especially in the US. As for how he felt about the new competition, he said:

    "Competition really pushes everyone--Microsoft and us--to do better. I think in the end the consumers will win."

    I really cannot deny that. Either way the gamers win. Cheaper consoles, better games, better deals. The more the merrier, I say!

  • Titanfall 2 To Get A Campaign?


    Titanfall did admirably especially considering it was an Xbox One and Xbox 360 exclusive. Its sales would have been much higher if it were available on all consoles. The game even managed to get a decent amount of Xbox Ones sold as well, even though they had expected better. Regardless, it now is pretty much obvious that Titanfall 2 will arrive on both the Xbox One and PS4.

    One of the unique features of Titanfall was the fact they merged both the multiplayer and singleplayer into a unique experience. However, this was not like by most people and was highlighted as a flaw in the game by several critiques. However considering the limited time on their hands, and the fact that this was attempted for the first time ever by anyone, they did a decent job to say the least.

    But I guess they do not want to leave any more “flaws” in their upcoming game. According to an interview with Game Informer, Dusty Welch, COO of Respawn Entertainment, said that Titanfall 2 might include a fully fleshed singleplayer campaign. One thing they wanted to assure was that even if they do include a campaign, it will not be at the expense of the multiplayer segment:

    "I think that there's a lot of reward in continuing to push the paradigm that Titanfall introduced, which is this always-connected, real live visceral multiplayer universe. We learned a lot, and I think it's up to us to think about how we apply the learning to make the next game even more expansive and more engaging than the first."

  • Beyond: Two Souls Listed for PS4

    October 21st, 2012 @ 02:18:00

    The Last of Us: Remastered, was recently announced for the PlayStation 4, but it looks like it might not be the last in a long line of last gen ported titles. Unfortunately, the game lineup for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 has been pretty lackluster so far, so Sony have been relying on ported games like The Last of Us, Assassins’ Creed IV, and Call of Duty Ghosts to bulk up the PS4 game library a little.

    There’s no doubt that the PlayStation 3 had a great line up of games right around the same time Sony was gearing up the PlayStation 4 for release, so a lot of gamers were stuck between choosing the PS4 or staying with the PlayStation 3, so porting over a collection of games does make sense.

    If you’re a fan of ported PS3 titles, then you may be excited to hear that Beyond: Two Souls was recently listed on two different German retailer websites for PlayStation 4. Beyond: Two Souls was a very story-driven game that found exclusivity with Sony and released late in 2013, but its release was clouded by the PS4 release.

    There still isn't any official word on a Beyond: Two Souls PS4 release, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the game did get ported over fairly soon.

    While I don’t mind all of these ports, we wouldn’t have to feel the need to dish out all of this extra cash for PS3 ports if Sony simply made the PS4 backwards compatible.

  • Tekken 7 Announcement Leaked

    tekken 7

    It looks like Namco-Bandai have made a bit of a slip up. Despite planning to officially announce Tekken 7 at the end of EVO 2014, a leaked announcement trailer has made it to the internet, forcing the company to officially announce their next upcoming title.

    It’s been a while since Namco-Bandai have released a Tekken title strictly related to the main franchise, so news of Tekken 7 is a pretty big deal. The leaked trailer didn’t really show all that much, but for an announcement trailer that’s expected these days.

    There wasn’t any gameplay in the Tekken 7 announcement trailer, but now that the game has been announced, we can expect to see a lot of great gameplay content showcasing Tekken 7 in the near future.

    The most interesting thing about the Tekken 7 trailer was the introduction of Unreal Engine 4. Katsuhiro Harada, the series producer for Tekken revealed that “With Unreal Engine 4, we can rapidly achieve the visual quality expected on next-gen platforms and go beyond it. Not only is Unreal Engine 4 powerful and easy to use, but it allows us to easily bring Tekken 7 to any platform we desire.”

    That sounds like pretty good news for any Tekken fans out there. Hopefully we’ll hear more about Tekken 7 soon. So far, no release date has been scheduled for Tekken 7 and we have no idea about specific platforms, so it’s a bit of a waiting game before we find out more.

  • BlueStreak Revealed By Cliff Bleszinski


    We announced that Cliff Bleszinski was gearing up to release information for his next video game project, and this week we have even more details, as Cliff has finally released his plans to the world.

    Cliff Bleszinski’s new game will be developed by his new development studio, Boss Key Productions, and it has been named BlueStreak. According to Bleszinski, BlueStreak will be a free-to-play arena based PC shooter.

    Boss Key Productions has already been backed by Nexon to develop BlueStreak, so now all we have to do is wait for Cliff’s new studio to get to work. CliffyB also revealed that Boss Key Productions won’t release any CG trailers, and instead will only show actual gameplay in their trailers, which is quite relieving; I can’t wait to see BlueStreak in action as soon as possible.

    It’s likely that it won’t be a while before we see BlueStreak making it into reality though; Boss Key Productions is only just getting started up, and so far it sounds as if everything is still pretty early days. In fact, the name BlueStreak may not even be final.

    I’d make a prediction that we may see BlueStreak sometime in late 2015, or early to mid 2016, and between then and now we are bound to see lots of gameplay and behind-the-scenes content relating to the development of the game.

    We’ll keep you updated as more information about BlueStreak is revealed.

  • Minecraft PS4/Xbox One Will Only Support 8 Players


    4JStudios have recently been hard at working developing the latest versions of Minecraft for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, and since they are fairly close to finally releasing these versions, the developers have had time to share more details on the differences between Minecraft PS4/Xbox One and Minecraft PS4/360.

    We already know that the worlds in the new versions of Minecraft console will be considerably larger than the worlds in the PS3 and Xbox One versions, which comes as great news for many players who have previously expressed their frustration with the limited world size on both Xbox 360 and PS3.

    The render distance will also be improved on the new Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One versions, giving players the chance to view more area of the world at once.

    Recently though, Roger Carpenter at 4JStudios revealed information on an area that the PS4 and Xbox One versions won’t improve on, at least at launch. When both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Minecraft are released, only eight players will be supported on multiplayer at once.

    This player limit is planned to be increased in the future, but it’s unlikely the console versions will ever have a player size as large as many PC servers are currently capable of.

    Minecraft for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 has been set for a release later this year in August for a price of $19.99. Players with the PS3 or Xbox 360 version of Minecraft will be able to upgrade for $4.99 instead of $19.99.

  • Sony Says "People Are Still Buying PS3s"


    Even though the PlayStation 4 has been released for some time, it seems the PS3 is still not done. The good news is that for all of us who still own the PS3, we know that the developers will not be letting go of this console anytime soon. With games like The Last of Us which came during the end of its lifecycle, I can only imagine the other potential games that maybe coming for it.

    Scott Rohde, PlayStation software product development boss, told

    "People are still buying PS3s. All the different parts of the world just adopt new technology at different rates. We don't know how long the PS3 tail will last. We don't know how it will be compared to the PS2. The PS2 lasted very deep into the PS3 cycle. There was a broad price difference between PS3 launch and PS2 end of life. We don't know where all this is going to go, but we will continue to support the PS3 through first- and third-parties as long as there is a good business there for us."

    The PS2 did amazingly. I myself bought like 3 of them as I moved from one place to another. Now that the PS3 is so much cheaper it seems like a good buy considering the library of games it has and the future games it will continue to receive. The PS2’s total worldwide sale near the end was around 165 million. Right now the PS3 stands at the 83 million mark. So would it be able to sell another 80 million? With good first party games, that might actually be possible.

  • EA: "Battlefield 4 Launch State Was 'Unacceptable'"


    Well, it took them long enough to admit it. Everyone was super hyped about Battlefield 4. They had a good chance of solidifying their roots with this iteration and future COD installments a run for their money. But the debacle really hurt Battlefield’s future success. They alienated a lot of their fans and I am not sure if they can come back from it.

    The issues BF4 faced were so debilitating it made the game unplayable online. The issues lasted several months over which DICE released one patch after the other. But the fixes never came fast enough. In an interview with Eurogamer, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said the problems occurred due to them being over ambitious and that the developers and publishers need to work better together to release a stable game:

    "Think about what Battlefield 4 was: 64 player multiplayer, giant maps, 1080p, Levolution that was changing the gameplay design in an emergent way. There is a chance there are things you are going to miss through the development cycle. And you end up in a situation we had with Battlefield 4."

    He went on to add that what they did “was unacceptable". Releasing something like that is never good and they are committed to making it up to the fan base with high quality content. Only time will tell really. In my opinion, the publishers made the developers rush out the game and didn’t expect such a huge mess. Might have thought a few patches would have fixed any possible errors. Now the question remains whether fans would return in the number they originally arrived?

    As for Battlefield: Hardline (to be released October 21, 2014), I believe that will go smoothly without a hitch. It feels like a re-skin of BF4 anyways. Albeit a few new additions. You guys excited for it?

  • Naughty Dog Can’t Decide Between 60FPS vs. 30FPS


    It's only a matter of days till the remastered Last of Us hits the shelves. It has gone through all sorts of upgrades and now will also boast a 60FPS gameplay.

    Well, all of us straight forward assume that this definitely is a good thing. But it seems that there is a still a bit of confusion between the members of Naughty Dog. Uncharted 4 lead game designer Kurt Mugenau is 100% behind the upgrade. He posted on Twitter,

    "Played some #TLOU at 60 fps tonight for the first time (60fps cutscenes and all). Transformitive. I’m a believer. Don’t think I can go back."

    Dynamics artist Neilan Naicker also agreed with Kurt saying that he also "can't play it any other way,"  but he was just referring to the game’s multiplayer. But as for the single player which is aimed to be more cinematic, it seems that Anthony Vaccaro, 3D environment artist, preferred the 30 FPS:

    "MP [multiplayer] I totally agree with 60 but single player I still prefer 30, feels more cinematic to me. Might be in the minority."

    So it seems that everyone prefers the multiplayer at 60FPS but as for the campaign they are split between 30FPS and 60FPS. How this influences Uncharted 4 will be interesting to see. With the general belief system of more is better, would we see 60FPS or would Naughty Dog stick to 30FPS to keep the cinematic flair?

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