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  • Microsoft Forming a new Xbox Team

    Recently a post on Microsoft’s career site discovered by Paco from NeoGAF, revealed that Microsoft has formed a new development team within its Xbox division.

    This post was in search for a Senior Software Development Engineer, Stating that it was the team’s goal “to push the envelope of today’s and tomorrow’s technology".

    Of course "Joining this team comes with risks," the post read. "Most of what we work on is top-secret; you may not know what your new project is until you’ve accepted an offer. Not all of our ideas will fly. We will fail, and fail fast, on some projects. We will celebrate those failures because they are vital to making sure the right ideas take off in a big way."

    No one knows for sure what this new team will be working on, but the post does say that the willing applicants should be "passionate about the potential for Kinect to continue to revolutionize entertainment".

    Head of Xbox Phil Spencer assured the Kinect remained "an important part of [Microsoft's] vision", Even though Microsoft began offering a Kinect-less Xbox One in June 2014.

  • Destiny: Top 10 Weapons Used by Players according to Bungie

    Loot is what drives Destiny. With complaints regarding the repetitive and limited content, what keeps players coming back for long gaming sessions is the loot; the exotics and the legendaries we want our friends to be jealous of.

    Regardless of the difference in classes the game is solely a first person shooter with all or at least most emphasis being placed on weapons. Considering that, it was I guess natural of Bungie to show off what guns are favorite amongst the gamers.

    Bungie’s chief resident researcher aka Dr. Bunson Honeydew wrote, "Weapon use in Destiny is pretty diverse and follows a very fat 'long tail' distribution. The guns on these lists are indeed awesome but a lot of players are finding that other, more obscure weapons better fit their tactical needs or their personal play styles."

    So following is a list of the top 10 weapons being used by players in Destiny’s PVE.

    1. Vision of Confluence
    2. Khvostov 7G-02
    3. Cydonia-AR3
    4. The Stranger's Rifle
    5. Marshal-A
    6. Suros Regime
    7. Marshal-A1
    8. Atheon's Epilogue
    9. Shingen-E
    10. Galahad-E

    The next set are the top 10 weapons being used by players in the PVE section of Destiny called the Crucible:

    1. SUROS Regime
    2. Vex Mythoclast
    3. Thorn
    4. Atheon's epilogue
    5. Shingen-E
    6. Cydonia-AR3
    7. The Last Word
    8. Galahad-E
    9. Up For Anything
    10. The Stranger's Rifle

    There you have it guys. Did your favorite make the cut? If not do let us know which combo is your favorite for causing having in both Destiny’s PVE and PVP modes.

  • PlayStation 4 Sells 18.5 Million Units

    The PlayStation 4 still going strong. Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) has officially stated that the total sales for the PS4 have surpassed 18.5 million units worldwide as of January, 2015. With this it was assessed that the amount of PS4s sold over the holiday season was around 4.1 million.

    In addition, approximately 11 million users have now subscribed to PlayStation Plus. If you are one of the very few who don’t know about this service, it is basically a subscription based service which gives gamers access to Instant Game Collection (6 free games per month; 2 each for the PS4, PS3 and Vita), cloud storage, and frequent discounts.

    In light of this milestone SCE President and Group CEO Andrew House said:

    "We are absolutely delighted that so many customers around the globe have continued to select PS4 as their console of choice throughout this holiday season. We will continue to reinforce and deliver additional value on PS4 as the best place to play, by bringing even more exciting content and by enriching our wide array of service offerings."

    As expected the software sales have also been going strong. As of January sales have reached 81.8 million globally (considering both retail stores globally and digital downloads). In the US Xbox One did out sell the PS4 due to its hefty discount of $50 during the holidays, but with it going back to $399 again, PS4 has again regained its position at the top.

  • MGS 5: Ground Zeroes First-Person Mode

    First person mode has its own charm. Rockstar decided to give GTA 5 a makeover by adding a first-person mode which was a huge hit. It added a whole new way to experience the game.

    Seems a modder had the same idea with MGS 5: Ground Zeroes.  This skillful modder going by the name of Pao, played around the PC version of MGS 5 and successfully released a first-person mod for the game without any official tools.

    Although there are slight glitches in the mod (objects disappearing up close), they are being worked on regularly. As one YouTuber (BenBlatcher) commented:

    "Not being able to see what's round corners makes things much more tense, and you've gotta be really careful and try and get a good view on things beforehand. You've got to rely on your senses a lot more, and it's obvious I wasn't [For example not hearing a truck coming at one point.]"

    If you want the mod yourself go over to the Nexus Mods and check it out!

  • Watch Dogs Dev Admits It Was A Flawed Game and Will Take Risks with Sequel

    Jonathan Morin, creative director of Watch Dogs, admitted that the game was not perfect “in any way”. In a recent talk with GamesTM, he said he won’t rest till they make the perfect sequel,

    "I don't think Watch Dogs is perfect in any way and there's a lot of room for improvement. But you don't always see this when you ship a game. We deliver what we believe the brand should be at the time.

    "But afterward, when you cool down after five and a half years [of development] and take your vacations and people play the game, certain elements become clear. They let you continue to bring what you envision to the next level with the fans included this time, which is where I think it really gets interesting.

    "When you start a new project [and new IP], it's a blank page and everything you do is what you want to do. With a sequel, there is more pressure to push a brand forward and we now have to appeal to fans in a new way.

    "We have to give [the development team] something hard to do. If we don't, they could fade out, which means you don't benefit from their knowledge or they will leave. Our team is really assimilated with the challenge we have and who knows where it will lead us next."

    Even though Watch Dogs 2 has not been officially announced, we were all expecting it to come out sooner than later. It is obvious that the devs are already brainstorming if not already working on early prototype.  Watch Dogs sold over 8 million copies and was one of the fastest selling new IPs. Whether the next one would do better or worse remains to be seen. For now, they have to impress the fans quite a bit if the sequel is to succeed.

  • H1Z1’s 'Pay to Win' Debacle

    H1Z1 has gone through a lot of controversies since launch; well since the launch of its early access version.

    Considering it is early in its development, some glitches such as the text-chat box disappearing, log in issues and frame rate issues are to be expected. The early access is there to catch bugs like these and fix them before launch.

    According to John Smedley’s post on the game’s Reddit page, it seems these random bugs are keeping developers constantly busy: We're going home now, everyone here is operating on two hours of sleep from last night and we have to send people home but we'll be right back in tomorrow morning and back at it.”

    But it isn’t the bugs that got gamers angry with SOE; it was the microtransactions they implemented that made the game seem like “pay to win”.  Greg Henninger of SOE said in this regard,

    “We have made the decision to allow paid-for airdrops into the game with things like guns and other things being randomly selected as part of the airdrop,”

    “We’re making them highly contested and building a whole set of rules around this, but you should be aware that our goal is to make this a way to keep things interesting on the servers but still be contested. If these offend your sensibilities just know that they are going to be there. We have gone out of our way to make sure the airdrops are contested in-game and that you can’t simply expect to easily walk about to the airdrop and grab it. Even if you paid for it.”

    The problem mainly arose because of what Smedly had commented months ago in regards to the microtransactions: We will be selling wearables. We felt like this will be a good, fair revenue generator. We will NOT be selling guns, ammo, food, water... i.e. That's kind of the whole game and it would suck in our opinion if we did that.

    H1Z1 is currently in Early Access on Steam, with the base game costing $20/£15.

    Worse was the fact that this free to play game was being sold for $20 for early access.

    John Smedley himself had gone back to Reddit to set things straight,

    "I'm going to weigh in here on this subject. We've been showing it clearly in all of the streams we have been doing. I made a point of personally doing it during last Friday's streams. We want them to be server events... so we make sure the whole server knows they're coming and I've personally been killed many times after I paid for them myself.

    So I fundamentally disagree with the argument. In terms of us not being honest about it - untrue to an extreme. Quoting an 8 month old Reddit post after numerous streams and interviews where we've been quite public AND putting it front and center in our 'What to expect document' which was right on the purchase page just makes this blatantly unfair IMO."

    He further clarified later a while ago on Reddit, "There will be crates with cosmetic only stuff in them. Anything that matters to your survival will be done as recipes so you have to go out and get the stuff for it rather than us handing it to you. We feel the same way you guys do about this stuff. It makes it interesting - I don't think I've ever seen a game do it this way. We're all used to buying something and getting it.. [sic] not getting the recipe for it."

    Finally I guess this would settle the issue once and for all, they offered refunds to unsatisfied customers. Also adding the final request to users to try before the judge it.

    "If you feel like the airdrops are an issue for you, you may immediately request a refund to [email protected] - this offer applies till Monday and it applies only to people that have purchased the game as of 10:30am Pacific today 1/16/2015 -

    "So if you think it's [Pay to win] don't buy it. Don't play it. But I have to say wait until you've personally tried them before making the call. We included airdrops in both the $20 and the $40 versions just so you could see for yourselves."

  • Rockstar Will Make Our Favorite Sequels "Eventually"

    Although this is far from a release date being announced, this is nonetheless quite exciting. We can finally rest assured that our favorite games are not dead and their sequels will be making a comeback. Namely Red Dead Redemption for one.

    In a recent “Asked & Answered” feature the developers stated the following:

    "As we've mentioned when asked in the past about new games in other series such as Red Dead Redemption, Bully, and L.A. Noire, we don't always rush to make sequels, but that does not mean we won't get to them eventually. We have so many games we want to make and the issue is always one of bandwidth and timing. We thank longtime fans such as yourselves as always for your amazing support and please stay tuned in 2015 for announcements of what's to come from Rockstar Games."

    Well 2015 is already here and we are definitely keeping our eyes open. Which game will the y pick next? I would love to get a sequel from any of the games they just mentioned.

  • Hellblade’s Reason to be PlayStation 4 Exclusive

    Fans of Ninja Theory wanted Heavenly Sword 2 but we got Hellblade instead. But we weren’t complaining as it was a nice surprise to see them coming with a new IP altogether. Just like how Heavenly Sword was a PS3 exclusive, this time around Hellblade has been confirmed to be a PS4 exclusive.

    When asked why they decided to stay a PlayStation exclusive, Product Development Manager Dominic Matthews said to OPM UK:

    "As a small development team we have to be careful about which platform we focus on. PlayStation offers us a good opportunity to realize the game in a way that we really want to. There’s also something nice about the partnership between Sony and Ninja Theory – there is heritage there with [PS3 exclusive] Heavenly Sword, so I think getting that team back together…there’s something nice about that."

    So in essence this game really isn’t an indie title nor a AAA title. It is a AAA title being made with a budget of an indie title; the best of both worlds if you may. We have yet to get any details of the game but the trailer really hooked me in. I know it is just a cinematic trailer but I really felt the epic-ness and the grit I hope this game will be delivering.

  • Grand Theft Auto V Online Heists Incoming

    The wait is finally over and we can’t wait any longer! Fans of GTA online have been dying to get the heist mode since last year and it seems our prayers will finally be answered.

    Rockstar Games have officially confirmed that we will be seeing the Heists arrive sometime early 2015. Rockstar issued the following statement:

    "[Heists] will require tight communication and coordination, with players taking on specified roles at each point to accomplish multiple objectives on the way to each Heist's epic finale. Featuring new gameplay, new vehicles, new weapons, new clothing, and much more."

    Although Rockstar wanted to release Heists by 2014 they became aware soon enough that they needed more time to complete the content. The online Heists are to feel similar to what we experience during the campaign and knowing Rockstar, they probably wanted to make it the best version they could. I know it is a little early to say but I expect the wait will be worth it.

  • Sony Says "The Best Is Yet To Come" For PlayStation 4

    The PlayStation 4 has been doing amazing. They have outsold Microsoft two to one. But Microsoft is making a comeback since it made those dramatic price cuts. In all honesty both consoles have yet to release significant amount of games on them. Don’t get me wrong they both have decent games but those games are also available on the last gen. What would really make these consoles shine would be exclusives.

    Considering their current success it is a fair question to ask whether Sony already reached their peak with PlayStation 4. Sony UK boss Fergal Gara had to say something about the future of PS4 to IGN. He said,

    "I really believe it's year two when you tend to see those titles come through that start to define the whole generation. The best is yet to come on PS4. We've seen a brilliant start with the mega-franchises, like the FIFAs, Call of Duties, and the Assassin's Creeds, but we've also seen some strong new IPs launch--the likes of Destiny and Watch Dogs. But I think that the ones that are truly to define the generation are probably still to come, to be honest."

    Gara went on to mention that even for the first PlayStation, the most notable games didn’t get released till the 2nd year after launch. I wonder if that is a hint towards the release of Uncharted. Either way this is a great time to be a gamer and console gaming has never been this strong.

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