• Analysts: End of Call of Duty

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was supposed to fix the downward trend in sales for the COD franchise that began with COD: Ghosts. As of now it doesn't seem to be the case.

    Cowen & Company did their analysis by comparing pre-order sales seen for the games in Amazon and this is what they concluded: "Advanced Warfare is now pacing almost 40 percent behind last year's Ghosts and almost 70 percent behind 2012's Black Ops 2. We continue to believe CoD will be down meaningfully vs. last year. With the franchise facing two consecutive significant year on year declines in sales, we think it is prudent to assume it has peaked."

    In other words, the reign of COD is coming to an end. If you are thinking it is because gamers have stopped pre-ordering then you are wrong. In 2014 the record for most pre-orders for a game has been broken twice already, first by Watch Dogs and then by Destiny.

    Long story short, the gamers have lost their interest on the franchise and no matter how much of a change Sledgehammer Games brought with COD: AW, it wasn't enough to drive sales. But maybe we are wrong and COD: AW will be used as a basis for better COD games in the future. Only time will tell.

  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Revealed


    So it’s finally here! The first Call of Duty for the Xbox One and PS4. Sledgehammer has been working hard on this game and in only a few days we will get to know all about it. For now first go check out the reveal trailer:

    COD Advanced Warfare Trailer –

    Thanks to Amazon’s product listing we got a better idea of the game as well. Just read the following to get a specific idea of the game’s premise and the new features. For now according to Amazon the game is set for release on the 4th of November 2014.

    Info from Amazon:

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, developed by Sledgehammer Games (co-developers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3), harnesses the first three-year, all next-gen development cycle in franchise history.

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare envisions the powerful battlegrounds of the future, where both technology and tactics have evolved to usher in a new era of combat for the franchise. Delivering a stunning performance, Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey stars as Jonathan Irons – one of the most powerful men in the world – shaping this chilling vision of the future of war.

    Power Changes Everything.

    An Advanced World:

    • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare takes place in a plausible future in which technological progress and today’s military practices have converged with powerful consequences.
    • In this carefully researched and crafted vision of the future, Private Military Corporations (PMCs) have become the dominant armed forces for countless nations outsourcing their military needs, redrawing borders and rewriting the rules of war.
    • And Jonathan Irons, the founder and president of the world’s largest PMC - Atlas Corporation - is at the center of it all.


    An Advanced Soldier:

    • Powerful exoskeletons evolve every aspect of a soldier’s battle readiness, enabling combatants to deploy with an advanced lethality and eliminating the need for specialization.
    • The introduction of this gameplay mechanic delivers enhanced player movement and verticality through boost jumps and grappling, covert cloaking abilities, and biomechanics that provide unparalleled strength, awareness, endurance, and speed.
    • With the advent of the exoskeleton and newly advanced armor and weaponry, every soldier commands tactical freedom in any terrain unlike ever before, fundamentally changing the way gamers play Call of Duty across all modes.


    An Advanced Arsenal:

    • Harnessing the power of next-gen platforms, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare brings players into the battlegrounds of the future by boasting a new hi-tech, advanced arsenal and ability set, arming players with all-new equipment, technology, perks, and vehicles like hoverbikes and highly specialized drones.
    • Players can also choose between standard ammunition and an all-new class of directed-energy weaponry that enables totally new gameplay dynamics.
    • And with exoskeletons delivering a massive force multiplier and unprecedented tactical freedom, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare evolves every firefight.

    If that wasn’t enough for you also check out the following video from IGN where they highlight 11 interesting new features that we might be seeing in the new game.

    11 Cool CoD Advanced Warfare Features -

  • Amazon Faces "Unprecedented Demand" For NEXT GEN CONSOLES

    This is a really good time to be Amazon! The demand for next gen consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, are through the roof. This puts to rest any and all speculations that the end of the console era is near.

    1 million PS4 day one sales

    The sales numbers for both consoles are breaking all previous records. The sales are going so well that Amazon said that they are working hard to prepare their fulfillment centers for "unprecedented" demand for the consoles. And there is very good reason for them to expect such high sales.

    Currently if you add the pre-order sales for both the PS4 and Xbox One, the result would be the "largest product release in Amazon history", excluding their Kindle sales of course. According to Amazon, the sale numbers are even more surprising due to the high prices of the consoles. A PS4 would set one back $400, while an Xbox One would cost $500.

    Well this just goes to show that there is an ever increasing demand for consoles, and that the gamers are hungry for some action! So if they are smart, Sony and Microsoft should take advantage and present the best deals they possibly can.

  • Microsoft Reverses ALL DRM Policies


    Wow. Ok this was unexpected. Let’s just recap over what happened over the last few months.

    At the dawn of the next generation consoles rumors were all over the internet that the consoles would restrict used games and also need to be connected to the internet all the time (always on). Flash forward to the Xbox One reveal and both of these traits were confirmed. Microsoft took the DRM one step ahead and thus restricted the selling/trading of used Xbox One games by attaching the games to the one Xbox Live account. And although not needing to be connected to the internet always, it was revealed that Xbox One would need to be connected at least once every 24 hours in order to even play games offline! The gamers were not happy, big surprise right?

    Flash forward a few more weeks to E3 2013, and Sony completely owns Microsoft by revealing that Playstation 4 will be exactly like the PS3 and thus will not place restrictions on used games and will not need to be connected to internet to play games offline. At E3 Sony revealed these directly aiming at Microsoft and won over the crowd. As an effect coming out of E3 2013, PS4 was named the winner and the pre-order of PS4 surpassed that of Xbox One according to

    So finally we get to this, Microsoft reveals that they have decided to withdraw all of their above said policies. The Xbox One will no longer require to be connected online neither would they limit used Xbox One games. So basically, the policies surrounding Xbox One games have been set back to that of Xbox 360 games. There has been a mixed response from the community regarding Microsoft’s new change of heart.

    I guess Xbox fans will be glad to be able to continue sticking to their favored console and carry on their Xbox Live accounts to the newest generation. Others are not so happy, feeling Microsoft should not have backed down. Mainly because they took everything back, even the poorly explained “Family Sharing” plan that basically gives the ability to share the digital copy of every game bought with up to 10 “family members”. So with enough “family members” the cost of games could be cut down by 10 times!

    I for one welcome the change but would have liked Microsoft to actually explain why they insisted on DRM and the other benefits like Family Sharing that they planned to implement. Even still, I wish they did not take these added bonuses away as if they were mad to remove the DRM restrictions. But at least now PS4 and Xbox One are equal in pretty much every way except for that the PS4 comes at a retail price of $399 while the Xbox One is priced at $499.

  • Xbox One Pricing & Launch Date and Xbox One Premium Edition - Day One

    eurogamer-pbyq6sFinally with E3 here we are getting all the information that we were waiting for. Finally during the E3 press conference Microsoft announced the price for both Xbox One as well as its launch date. Xbox One is going to be released on November 2013 and will be priced at $499 in the U.S., £429 in the U.K., €499 in Europe and $ 599 in Australia.

    As you already know Xbox One comes along with the Kinect 2.0 sensor which explains the higher price point. Currently the console is available for pre-ordering from several retailers including Microsoft is also offering a premium edition of the console for those who preorder called “Day One”.

    This is what is listed on Amazon, "Xbox One - Day One Console includes a limited edition controller, token code to unlock Day One achievement, premium packaging, and decal."

    This deal will also include exclusive DLC available for select games which include:

    Dead Rising 3 - Exclusive Frank West and Chuck Greene Tribute Packs with bonus attributes.

    Forza Motorsport 5 - Access to four cars tuned to the top of their class.

    Kinect Sports Rivals - Exclusive sporting equipment that separates your Champion from the rest of the world.

    Ryse: Son of Rome - Exclusive multiplayer map and sword with bonus attributes.

    Another interesting thing can be taken away from this is that this is the first time an achievement is not tied to a game. It could be that Xbox One will have more of these system-level rewards in the future. I wonder how Achievement-hunters are going to react to this? What about you guys, I know it is too early to speculate but what do you think about system tied achievements?

    For more details on Xbox One – Day One check out Microsoft’s official webpage:

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