• Destiny: House of Wolves Expansion Release Date & Trials of Osiris Reveal

    It has been some time coming but now Destiny's second expansion, aka House of Wolves, has now finally been confirmed to be released on May 19, 2015.

    Bungie had streamed what to expect by showing off the Reef. If you missed it here are some highlights according to Bungie’s official website.

    Here are some highlights:

    • Petra Venj will be your new primary story agent
    • Variks the Loyal is the Warden of the Prison of Elders
    • Brother Vance will put you through the Trials of Osiris
    • The Reef will support your new adventures with a Cryptarch, a Postmaster, a Bounty Tracker, and another Vault terminal
    • In the Tower, you can exchange upgrade materials with the Speaker
    • Factions have new weapons and gear in their inventory
    • New Crucible and Vanguard gear can be Reforged with different perk sets by the Gunsmith
    • And more… [a few people even told us we said too much]

    They are not done revealing as one of the biggest parts is still under wraps – The Trails of Osiris. They plan on doing so in the following way - Trials of Osiris Reveal, Wednesday, April 29th, 11 AM Pacific @ http://www.twitch.tv/bungie

    Check out the new trailer and see if this gets you hyped enough to make a return. I had stopped playing some time ago since there was nothing more to do (after collecting all exotics) but, I am indeed in the Trials of Osiris.

    Destiny: HoW Prologue Trailer – https://youtu.be/fPg3jWn6Nn0

  • Destiny: Top 10 Weapons Used by Players according to Bungie

    Loot is what drives Destiny. With complaints regarding the repetitive and limited content, what keeps players coming back for long gaming sessions is the loot; the exotics and the legendaries we want our friends to be jealous of.

    Regardless of the difference in classes the game is solely a first person shooter with all or at least most emphasis being placed on weapons. Considering that, it was I guess natural of Bungie to show off what guns are favorite amongst the gamers.

    Bungie’s chief resident researcher aka Dr. Bunson Honeydew wrote, "Weapon use in Destiny is pretty diverse and follows a very fat 'long tail' distribution. The guns on these lists are indeed awesome but a lot of players are finding that other, more obscure weapons better fit their tactical needs or their personal play styles."

    So following is a list of the top 10 weapons being used by players in Destiny’s PVE.

    1. Vision of Confluence
    2. Khvostov 7G-02
    3. Cydonia-AR3
    4. The Stranger's Rifle
    5. Marshal-A
    6. Suros Regime
    7. Marshal-A1
    8. Atheon's Epilogue
    9. Shingen-E
    10. Galahad-E

    The next set are the top 10 weapons being used by players in the PVE section of Destiny called the Crucible:

    1. SUROS Regime
    2. Vex Mythoclast
    3. Thorn
    4. Atheon's epilogue
    5. Shingen-E
    6. Cydonia-AR3
    7. The Last Word
    8. Galahad-E
    9. Up For Anything
    10. The Stranger's Rifle

    There you have it guys. Did your favorite make the cut? If not do let us know which combo is your favorite for causing having in both Destiny’s PVE and PVP modes.

  • Destiny’s Exotic Gear Ruined?

    Gamers are unsure of what to feel about the changes brought to exotic weapons. True that some received buffs that we were long waiting for but the new upgrade system leaves me for one, wanting more.

    The big change was that the exotic weapons and armors no longer require ascendant material to level up but require one more new material, “exotic shard”, to unlock the last upgrade. You can either get these exotic shards by breaking down old exotic weapons or by buying them from Xur for seven strange coins for one exotic shard.

    The major issue is that old exotics became obsolete. Old exotics armors provided less light (30 vs 36 for upgraded exotics), and old exotic weapons do less damage than upgraded ones. So it goes without saying that everyone wants to upgrade their current exotics. But to do that you have to spend 1 exotic shard and 7000 glimmer per weapon or armor. To make matters worse, you will then need to re-level your exotics again from scratch! Talk about a grind fest.

    Seeing the fan outcry Bungie provided the following notes on exotics including the fact that the upgraded exotics will be easier to level up.

    • Destiny will continue to provide new ways to evolve • Your existing items will still be effective in any encounter • The Dark Below will contain exclusive options to level up • More powerful Exotics will drop, or be sold by Xûr • More powerful Legendaries will drop, or be sold by vendors • More powerful Raid gear will drop - and more often! • More predictable options will upgrade beloved Exotics • Exotic upgrades purchased from Xûr replace weaker items • Exotic upgrade paths require much less time and material • An upgraded Exotic is more powerful right out of the box

    All this is well and good. But my question is this – will we need to do all this again when the next DLC lands? I am not looking forward to that at all. Like many gamers out there, this DLC made some big changes to the game that really killed my addiction to it.

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