• Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Revealed

    After the recent release of the remastered version of DmC: Devil may Cry, Capcom has revealed the details for Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, which is set to release this summer for current gen consoles and PC.

    Revealed on publisher's blog, this updated version will have 1080p visuals and 60 frames per second, along with no fewer than five playable characters. That's right, in addition to Dante and Nero, fans will get a chance to play as Virgil, Trish, and Lady.

    On top of that, Legendary Dark Knight Mode, a wave-based horde mode which was only available in the original PC release of DMC4, will be included in this re-release as well. And if that weren't enough, Capcom is also throwing in a batch of new costumes and skins, which will be reflected in the in-game cut scenes. Capcom will also bring us "improvements to the game tempo and balancing."

  • Deep Down: Capcom Planning a 10 Year Lifespan?

    In a recent interview with Teruki Miyashita, the Senior Manager of consumer Games Development, it was revealed that Capcom fully intends to deliver a top-quality product. They in fact, want this free-to-play game to offer a much more "realer than real" experience by providing players with amazing technical elements.

    He also spoke about the audio:

    "Creating a feeling of realism is critical, and this holds true for the sounds. For instance, the voices of the 'mementos (emotions)' come from the TV speakers at first, but after you pick up a certain object, you hear the voices coming from the controller in your hands. Say you put something in your pocket, you'll hear the sound right there near you--we can now offer you that kind of a 'realer than real' gaming experience. This feeling of being 'fully immersed' is of utmost priority to us."

    Deep Down will be a free-to-play, online-only game so it has potential to keep growing. Miyashita also stated that he hopes that the game will have a lifespan of ten tears, which is very similar to Activision’s plan for Destiny

    Lastly, he stated that the game "boasts a brand new gaming experience which is unlike a traditional dungeon-based game." But he didn’t go into details.

  • Dragon's Dogma Online: Cross-Platform Support, Native 1080p

    There is much debate regarding whether players care about the technical prowess of the games i.e. FPS and resolution, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to be safe.

    As such Capcom has come forth and confirmed, to DualSchockers, that the upcoming PlayStation 4 version of Dragon's Dogma Online will run in 1080p and 60 FPS. Kent Kinoshita recently revealed in an in event in Tokyo, that the PS3 version will run at 720p at 30 FPS.

    Although they are aiming for 60FPS for the PS4 version, it is expected to have some dips in FPS as up to 100 players may be on screen at same time during the game. Despite that they mentioned they are aiming to lock it down at 60 FPS.

    They further confirmed that Dragon’s Dogma Online will be supporting cross-platform play across the PC, PS3 and PS4. The exact release date has yet to be revealed but it is believed that it will be launching in Japan sometime in 2015 and soon after in other regions.


  • Resident Evil Remake Dated, Priced

    Capcom has announced that a Resident Evil Remake will release on January 20, 2015. The publishers are now calling it the "definitive version" of the first game that started an acclaimed game franchise.

    The price as revealed will be $20 for all platforms, which include both current and previous generation of consoles - PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and also the PC. For the people who haven’t been paying attention to gaming new or have forgotten this is indeed the remake of the HD re-iteration of the 2002’s Resident Evil REmake that was released on the GameCube.

    Simply put this is a remake of a remake of a classic. In addition to this Resident Evil: Revelations 2 will hit consoles and PC somewhere in 2015, and a recent report has hinted at Resident Evil 7. So I guess the Resident Evil franchise is really trying to make a strong comeback. I for one hope for its best because despite doing poorly at certain points, this franchise is still one my favorites.

  • Capcom Likes VR Tech For Horror Games

    Virtual reality is something that will get more and more popular as time passes. The tech is already loved by many but owned by a niche number of gamers. As more games come out that utilize it and as the price of the tech drops there will be more gamers picking this up for sure.

    One of the most suitable uses for VR tech has been for horror games. The level of immersion allowed by VR just makes the experience that much more terrifying. Understandably many Japanese developers think that VR is a great idea for horror games such as the iconic Resident Evil franchise. It seems that Capcom already is considering using this tech for future Resident Evil installments.

    In an interview with Game Informer, Resident Evil: Revelations 2 producer Michiteru Okabe said the following: "Speaking personally, I'm really excited about VR. I think it makes sense. Having gone from 2D to 3D, now it's time to surround yourself in these worlds instead of just having a screen in front of you. It makes sense; the technology is there." He continued on to say that VR tech is a great addition to survival/ horror games because of the added immersion. Like Okabe, Resident Evil Remake produced Yoshaiki Hirabayashi said that he too is "really stoked about the idea of virtual reality". So we can all expect the future Resident Evil titles to take advantage of this tech and maybe get back to the survival horror genre it belongs to.

  • Resident Evil Remake Releases 2015


    This something the fans have been asking for a long time. Plus this is one way to assure gamers that the next Resident Evil game coming out (albeit a remake) will not be a horrible disaster.

    It was initially rumored and now it has been made official by Capcom's blog. Resident Evil Remake will be coming to the Playstation 3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC sometime early 2015.

    Well, all things consider it is a re-remake. If that is even a word. The original game came out in 1996 which was remade for the GameCube in 2002. The new game will be based on the GameCube version.

    As expected the game will have features we expect including upgraded models and backgrounds. The camera will also be modified to allow scrolling which will also help integrate the 4:3 aspect of the original to the new 16:9 view. Also add in 5.1 surround sound to complete the recreation of this the classic masterpiece for the new age.

    Overall I was pretty amazed by look of the game so far.

    Check out the trailer here:

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