• Killzone Shadow Fall Gets 4 Player Co-Op & Guerrilla Games Working on New PS4 Title


    We know that Guerrilla Games has been busy creating the highly anticipated four-player co-op expansion to their PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone Shadow Fall. However it has also just been revealed that they have been secretly working on another title for the PS4.

    In an interview with Eurogamer, producer Poria Torkan said that their next title would be more ambitious due to their familiarity with the console. Even though they were able to crank out Killzone Shadow Fall, you have to remember that the console was still being tweaked as the game was being produced which made it significantly harder to create the game. That is the reason why they couldn’t complete the co-op mode on launch.

    Torkan said, "The best metaphor for making a launch title is it's like driving a race car while the car is still being built around you. You're working towards a goal, but in the meantime the hardware itself is also coming together; the libraries and the controller and everything. You need to be focused on the things you want to do in order to be able to do them properly.

    So for us it was important to have a robust, chunky, sizeable campaign and at least tell the story we wanted to tell and have the gameplay mechanics we wanted to have, and also have a good multiplayer experience, with enough levels available at launch and more coming after. Within the scope we had, and being a launch title and having new hardware and having to re-factor the engine, there just wasn't enough time to also do a co-op.

    We did announce it and say Season Pass holders would get it for free, so we did say we were going to do it, but we only started developing it after Shadow Fall launched. It was already planned, but not how it would be, or which type of co-op it would be. It wasn't something we were already working on before we launched the game. We started with, 'okay, what kind of co-op are we going to make?', after Shadow Fall was already out.”

    He added that they will be adding jet packs to the co-op mode which a lot of the fans missed in Killzone Shadow Fall. "That's the type of thing where when you're doing a launch title you need to focus. Obviously you want to have the jet packs and the driving sections and the mechs, but we were already re-factoring our engine and there was a new networking module. If we were also doing this we were going to be too diverse. But now we had the time and proper purpose to bring it back."

    Interestingly the co-op expansion named Intercept will be released both as an add-on and a digital standalone. This gives those who do not own Shadow Fall to enjoy just the co-op game. "We're really happy with that. Some people don't like to play competitive multiplayer but do enjoy a co-op game, so maybe for them this will be of interest. We will keep patching and polishing. We plan on extensively supporting it."

    Now for the big news about Guerilla Games creating a new IP for the PS4. According to rumors they will be working on an open world RPG. Talk about a change from their norm. Last we heard anything about this game was September 2013. Back then Eric Boljes, Shadow Fall lead designer, said that they were going to work on something completely different from Killzone:  "I don't want to say anything about it right now, but as a studio we do want to keep it fresh."

    Although it might be too early for them to reveal their new game this E3, we can certainly hope.

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