• Xbox One Wi-Fi Issue - Microsoft working with Comcast To Fix It

    Some Xbox One users have been plagued with Wi-Fi issues which have prevented them from playing online and also enjoying the ton of other features being connected grants. If you are one such unlucky gamer then fear not, cause Microsoft is coming to the rescue.

    Xbox-One_2584436bIn a recent statement released by Comcast, they mentioned that they are aware of the fact that some users are experiencing connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi thus preventing them playing games online. They wanted to assure the users that they are currently working with Microsoft in order to understand the situation so as to fix it.

    For now Comcast is expecting Microsoft to release an update soon that would hopefully resolve any and all issues. It seems that only a small portion of users have been afflicted by this. Seems those who are affected may be able to connect to their Xbox One through the internet via Wi-Fi but still are not able to play certain games online.

    This may be infuriating to those suffering but please be patient as help is on the way. Another possible fix right now could be directly connecting your Xbox One using an Ethernet cable, as it may totally fix your issue. This is an alternative option for those who are able to do so.

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