• EA: Next Titanfall Won't Be An Xbox Exclusive

    And so what was foreseen, was what happened

    CFO of EA or Electronic Arts Blake Jorgensen hinted that the next Titanfall game would be without a doubt be a multiplatform release. This was done during the 2015 Technology, Internet & Media Conference.

    The project has yet to receive an official unveiling just yet, but Blake did say there will “probably" be another game and if and when it comes out, it won't be an exclusive.

    He stated: “Last year it was on the Xbox only; in the future, we haven't yet announced, but we'll probably have another Titanfall game. It will probably be a bigger footprint than just a single platform. I think that's a huge positive for us."

    Titanfall launched for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC in March of 2014 and received mostly positive acclaim, but perhaps not to the level of some people’s anticipation.

    Being published by EA, if and when there is a sequel and it too would be an exclusive it would miss out millions of potential sales on the PlayStation and as we all know EA would not want the PlayStation nation to miss out on “experiencing the game”. But the question here is do the PS4 user want a Titanfall sequel.

  • EA Considers Their Games Are Too Difficult for Most

    A Majority of gamers today are considered casuals.

    And that maybe the very reason why the creative chief officer of EA, Richard Hilleman said the following during the D.I.C.E. summit:

    "Our games are actually still too hard to learn. The average player probably spends two hours to learn how to play the most basic game.And asking for two hours of somebody's time--most of our customers, between their normal family lives...to find two contiguous hours to concentrate on learning how to play a video game is a big ask."

    Before we start taking this as a humorous statement, we have to remember that we’re all core gamers. True, it doesn’t take hours to learn how to play "learn how to play the most basic game.” On the flip side, if you were to sit someone who isn’t familiar with video games, it will beyond a doubt take that much time. So Ea and other publishers are really trying to cater to everyone, but should they?

    Michael de Plater design director for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor stated that "Every game is an RPG now,". This is not entirely untrue, as the definition of a "role-playing game" fluctuate with every passing year. It would be a better argument that every major game release has a least a few RPG elements.

  • EA: "Battlefield 4 Launch State Was 'Unacceptable'"


    Well, it took them long enough to admit it. Everyone was super hyped about Battlefield 4. They had a good chance of solidifying their roots with this iteration and future COD installments a run for their money. But the debacle really hurt Battlefield’s future success. They alienated a lot of their fans and I am not sure if they can come back from it.

    The issues BF4 faced were so debilitating it made the game unplayable online. The issues lasted several months over which DICE released one patch after the other. But the fixes never came fast enough. In an interview with Eurogamer, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said the problems occurred due to them being over ambitious and that the developers and publishers need to work better together to release a stable game:

    "Think about what Battlefield 4 was: 64 player multiplayer, giant maps, 1080p, Levolution that was changing the gameplay design in an emergent way. There is a chance there are things you are going to miss through the development cycle. And you end up in a situation we had with Battlefield 4."

    He went on to add that what they did “was unacceptable". Releasing something like that is never good and they are committed to making it up to the fan base with high quality content. Only time will tell really. In my opinion, the publishers made the developers rush out the game and didn’t expect such a huge mess. Might have thought a few patches would have fixed any possible errors. Now the question remains whether fans would return in the number they originally arrived?

    As for Battlefield: Hardline (to be released October 21, 2014), I believe that will go smoothly without a hitch. It feels like a re-skin of BF4 anyways. Albeit a few new additions. You guys excited for it?

  • Destiny Has to Sell Over 15 Million Copies To Just Break Even


    EA and Bungie have decided to spend about $500 million dollars on Destiny. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick revealed that during a Mike conference just a while back. This is by far the highest being spent for any game ever.

    Just for comparison, Take Two spent a bit over $260 million on GTA V. According to the developers, the $500 million will be spent over a bunch of stuff including development, packaging, marketing, royalties and infrastructure support. They also plan on keeping Destiny around for a long time, like 10 years.

    Activision rep said this, "Over the long term, we expect the ultimate product costs to be roughly in line with other AAA titles."

    So I guess they have some time to make their money back. However, according to recent reports they need to sell 15 million copies to just break even. That is indeed quite a high goal but for a first person shooter it is not an unreachable goal.

  • TitanFall Bundle Details - Xbox One Seller


    There is no doubt TitanFall is going to be huge. Almost everyone who had the chance to play the open beta had only positive things to say about the game. Coming from the creators of the what we have come to know of the intense tight combat in Call of Duty, it is no surprise that this brain child would also impress.

    As you all know already TitanFall is a Microsoft exclusive of sorts. Basically it will be on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, but not on any other console. Additionally TitanFall will also be available on PC. My guess is basically in order to get this game to be an exclusive, Microsoft had to agree to have the game on PC and Xbox 360 as well in order to guarantee the publishers a big consumer base.

    Now without a doubt, TitanFall is the biggest exclusive that Xbox One has coming out for now. And it makes sense that they will try to use it as a system seller, which they already are. The UK exclusive bundle has been on sale since the 28th of February at a price of €500. The bundle will come with a download code for Titan Fall and a month’s access to Xbox Live. There is also a worldwide bundle of Xbox One + Titan Fall priced at $499. So basically you get Titan Fall with an Xbox One (while stocks last of course).

    This is the perfect way for Microsoft to promote the Xbox One. Right now the PS4: Xbox One ratio is reaching 2:1 worldwide. But here comes the next bit of issue. Is TitanFall going to be the system seller Microsoft needs it to be? For one, it is available on Xbox 360s so you necessarily don’t need to get an Xbox One for that. But of course it will be MUCH better on the Xbox One, but then if you have a gaming PC you probably won’t spend $500 to get an Xbox One to play the game.

    Recent figures show that Sony has sold at least 5.3 million PS4s while Microsoft has reported shipping (not sold) 3.9 Xbox Ones. This is a considerable lead which Microsoft has to catch up to. Even with the bundle PS4 is still going to be a challenge to beat as it is only priced at €400, a solid €100 cheaper (worth a game and a 1 year PS Plus membership). TitanFall releases on 11th March 2014, so just a few days left till we find out how well this game helps Microsoft.

  • EA Might Get Sued Over Issues with Battlefield 4

    EA is not having the best of time right now. It seems that their highly anticipated launch title Battlefield 4 is creating more problems, bigger than what they had faced before.

    A US law firm Holzer Holzer and Fistel, LLC is currently conducting an investigation over whether EA mislead its investors during Battlefield 4's development and post-launch. The firm will specifically investigate whether EA complied with "federal securities laws" when making public statements regarding Battlefield 4 between the days of July 24 and December 4 2013.

    battlefield-4-ps4_0According to a press release from the firm, "The investigation focuses on statements issued during that time regarding the development and sales of the Company's Battlefield 4 video game and the game's impact on EA's revenue and projects moving forward,".  The release also continued on to urge those who had suffered losses on EA common stock purchased between those dates to be in touch with the firm.

    The firm, Holzer Holzer and Fistel specializes in representation of investors victimized by securities fraud and other corporate corruption. Although this is not a lawsuit, it might turn into one very soon. EA has not been in great shape considering the various complaints about its game from unstable servers, to dodgy DLCs and numerous bugs.

    The issues are so severe that Microsoft has been refunding Battlefield 4 premium members who are unhappy with their purchase. Recently an EA representative told IGN that the developer DICE will “not be moving onto future projects or expansions until we sort out all the issues with Battlefield 4”.  DICE might have just lost a chunk of its credibility and fan base. They were so close to taking over the fans unhappy with the same old routine of the Call of Duty franchise. They just took a major step back this time, not really sure if they will ever recover.

  • Old Rivalries: Konami to Launch Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 on the same day as FIFA 2014


    Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer and EA’s FIFA continues to be the two definitive video games on the sports genre, ever since the olden days of the PS One. It seems that this old rivalry will be rekindled on September 24, the day that these two games will be launched in Americas. Konami has confirmed that PES 2014 will launch in North, South and Central America, although there are no words yet on the availability of the game in Europe. EA will launch FIFA 2014 in the European region on 27th of September.

    PES 2014 itself will feature six key gameplay improvements over its prequel, including TrueBall Tech, Motion Animation Stability System, Heart, PES ID, Team Play and Core. The most exciting news about the new entry into the franchise, however, is that fact that it will be using the Fox engine, the same engine that is also behind the upcoming next-generation open-world game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for the Xbox One.

    So which game are you most excited about, gamers?

  • Forza 5 to be playable only with day-one download

    forza 5

    The subject of connecting games to the internet seems to be the hot button this year, as shown by the public outcry at the now-diseased “always connected” Xbox One policy, not to mention the fiasco that is the SimCity game by EA. So when news such as making Forza 5 virtually unplayable (or lacking features) without a log in and content download, makes the round, how will gamers react, I wonder?

    In an interview with IGN, Dan Greenawalt, the studio head at Forza creator Turn 10 Studios, stated that “when you first boot up the game we’re going to ask you to log in, and when you log in you’re going to get a whole bunch of content: tracks and cars. That is required content to play the game.” Greenewalt also said that this connection requirement ties in with their latest flagship AI system, dubbed the ‘Drivatars’. Since the new AI system mimics the traits of real-world players, it is to be expected that new data must be streamed constantly in order for the AI to be more accurate.

    “You do have to connect the game in order to get the latest Drivatars, because we need as many people training them as possible. And so rather than having just a launch-day set that was created by us, every day that people race is going to make the Drivatar set that much more accurate, that much more diverse, that much more interesting.”

    Past the initial requirement for an internet connection to download some essential stuff for the game, it does seem like users can opt not to update the data for the AI system, so this news is certainly not as bad as, again, SimCity.

  • Bioware Pumped About the Next Mass Effect


    Cinematic Director Ken Thain tweeted “New #MassEffect story and main character reviews today. This sh**’s gettin’ real! I think the fans will be really excited to play this story.” In a similar tone, minus the sudden excited outburst, Producer Mike Gamble also said: “Lots of great @masseffect meetings today. Things are really moving forward. It’s great to be involved in the universe again.”

    Previously, on Tuesday, Bioware Montreal studio director Yanick Roy said the upcoming Mass Effect game will be “friendly both to old fans and newcomers.”  Fans of the Sci-fi RPG from Bioware have been endlessly teased by such vague details of the upcoming sequel, but until now, there are still no official information released yet. However, with this recent development, gamers can at least be sure that the next protagonist will not be the much loved Shephard, and that the story has been finalized (or so it seems).

    Since the previous storyline has been resolved somewhat controversially in Mass Effect 3, we can expect a completely new saga from the next game. To shed some light on the matter, Bioware’s Community Manager Chris Priestly took to the forums on February and said that “to call the next game Mass Effect 4 or ME4 is doing it a disservice and seems to cause a lot of confusion here. We have already said that the Command Shephard trilogy is over and that the next game will not feature him/her. That is the only detail you have on the game.”

    Still, they know that fans of a game as massive in its scale in terms of story line and setting as Mass Effect will speculate anyway. How about you? What do you expect from the new game?

  • EA Will Keep the Star Wars Games Coming

    star wars modded controller

    EA and Disney have decided to put their heads together to keep the Star Wars series as a relevant platform for game productions in the years to come. EA and Disney signed, "a new multi-year exclusive licensing agreement to develop and publish globally new games based on Star Wars characters and story lines." EA stands to take hold of one of the most popular story platforms available through this move. Games have been produced based on the Star Wars universe for almost as long as we have been playing video games as a whole and it seems only right to keep the heritage alive.

    EA-Disney-modded controller

    After the agreement was signed EA now looks forward to “develop and publish new Star Wars titles for a core gaming audience, spanning all interactive platforms and the most popular game genres, while Disney will retain certain rights to develop new titles within the mobile, social, tablet and online game categories." It also appears that EA is wasting no time to get things moving because they went on to reveal that EA already has 3 major development houses already working on the next group of games. The production and development teams that were named as “already at work” are Mass Effect developer BioWare, Dead Space developer Visceral, and Battlefield developer DICE.  Based on these development groups’ track records we can expect some serious titles with the name Star Wars attached to them in the future.

    EA Labels president Frank Gibeau spoke and related the excitement level that this agreement has introduced for EA. Gibeau stated, “Every developer dreams of creating games for the Star Wars universe,” Gibeau said. “Three of our top studios will fulfill that dream, crafting epic adventures for Star Wars fans. DICE and Visceral will produce new games, joining the BioWare team which continues to develop for the Star Wars franchise. The new experiences we create may borrow from films, but the games will be entirely original with all new stories and gameplay.” We can look forward to the new Star Wars games from EA to utilize the new Frostbite 3 development engine. By throwing their newest and best at the task EA is proving their commitment to the Star Wars endeavor. With this amazing Frostbite engine already being set as the ground work for development we will be sure to see some stunning graphics, crisp gameplay, and great environments in the new titles.  This is all great news for those who are fans of the Star Wars universe and we can expect, through this collaboration between Disney and EA, A bright future of Star Wars games.

    Written by David Ausberry

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