• Planetside 2 Beta Coming To PS4 Before End of 2014

    259290-planetside_2-HDFor the people waiting eagerly waiting for Planetside 2 on PlayStation 4, we’ve got good news.

    Matt Higby told Eurogamer, that the beta will be ready before the end of this year.

    For those who are also concerned about the PS4 version. Higby said that they were not just "blowing smoke" and they're doing their best so as to deliver a true, full-on console experience. That is "not just like a port."

    Higby said, "Our goal is at the end of the day to have our launch on the PS4 feel like a great PS4 native console game. Not just a PC port."

    They wanted the game to run at 60fps in 1080p. Higby says if they did go with 30 "it'll be because we want to maintain a completely solid 30fps. But that's the optimization we're working on right now."

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