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  • FEAR Online, Free Multiplayer Shooter to Continue the Story of Alma Wade


    Most people will remember the times when they hunch over their keyboard and mouse, eyes darting left and right, expecting something, anything, to jump out of the corner of the screen as they uncover the secret of the little girl Alma Wade, all while slowing down time and dodging bullet ala the Matrix. F.E.A.R. was a huge success when it first came out, and it spawned sequels that were equally lauded by gamers.

    For fans of the FPS games, FEAR online will satiate their psychological horror needs. The game - being crafted by Korea’s Inplay Interactive - will continue the story of the wet-pants-inducing child Alma Wade, and will include several competitive team modes. Included in the modes is FEAR 3’s Soul King mode, which would have players, floating as spirits, posses enemy AI enemies and using the guns to kill other AI-possessed player for points.

    A separate co-op mode will also allow up to four players to band together to face the nightmarish events that runs parallel to the events of FEAR 2: Project Origin. Best of all, however, it seems that the game will be available for free. Joy!

    FEAR Online will be published through Aeria Games, an online games publisher who specializes in licensing established games for distribution. If you just can’t wait to try out the game, the publisher is ramping up a closed beta, and you can register yourself at their website.

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