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  • Sledgehammer Says The Extra Year Benefited Advanced Warfare

    Time and time again Sledgehammer Games has said that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the result of the fan’s wished for something new. Recently in a Best Buy Google Hangout session studio co-founder restated the uniqueness of Advanced Warfare. Condrey said gamers have "never played a Call of Duty this way before," and that the 3 year development cycle is to thank for that:

    "I think that was really what that extra year gave us, the chance to break a few things. To maybe alienate a few ideas to bring Sledgehammer's take to Call of Duty. And maybe push boundaries further than people were comfortable and then pull it back if we went too far." The main innovation is the exosuit. The suit allows new never before seen gameplay features to be added to COD. The suit essentially gives players a set of super powers on top of the unique maneuverability. But they made sure not to let the combat change too much and retain the same tight combat mechanics that the franchise is loved for. Another big change the made was the high budget story mode. COD is known for its mediocre campaign mode which is just slapped on for the sake of having a single-player aspect. If they pull the campaign off like intended, this will for sure be the best addition the COD franchise in a while. After COD: Ghosts, the franchise needs a champion to bring back the gamers.

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  • Possible Naughty Dog Announcement on January 7th?

    We have all been expecting Sony to reveal an new game by the infamous Naughty Dog, be it a sequel to The Last Of Us or Uncharted, or even a brand new IP. Naughty Dog is one of the big guns in Sony's arsenal which they are not afraid to flaunt. This recent catch by DualShockers might just hint at a big announcement on the 7th of January 2014.

    Dualshockers picked up this gem from the Facebook Page of Sony Computer Entertainment Italy. The message on the homepage was in Italian and when translated read, "We have been naughty, and we're proud of it. 6.01.14." Along with this was an image of a lump of coal in the shape of a DualShock 4 controller.


    This is likely a reference to the Italian tradition of Epiphany Day where, like in Christmas, kids get presents and candy, while bad kids are threatened with coal. The date mentioned also happens to be the date of the holiday. Since the word "Naughty" is also mentioned in the image, this could most likely hint to an announcement by Naughty Dog.

    Although this is still a rumor, it is highly likely Sony might be revealing or at least teasing us something on that day. All we got to do now I wait a couple of hours and see what actually happens!  Oh and don't confuse 06.01.14 as June 1st, the date comes first and then the month in Italy.


  • Keep the nostalgia coming: Glacius and Chief Thunder of Killer Instinct fame debuted at EVO 2013


    During the appearance of Killer Instinct at the EVO fighting game championship this year, developer Double Helix showed off the return of the popular character, Glacius. This character, geared towards long-ranged attacks and spatial control, will join the likes of Cinder, Fulgore, Orchid, Jago and Sabrewulf in this remake of the classic combo-oriented fighting game, exclusively for the Xbox One. Not only that, at the end of a trailer showing off the new character’s various moves, there’s a not-so subtle hint that Chief Thunder - another popular character from the classic game - will make an appearance as well.

    Still, all is not well for the developing studio, as fans booed during the showcase. This is attributed not on faulty game design, but more on its exclusivity, as well as its model; the game will only be available on the Xbox One, and to make matters worse, it will be available on a free-to-play basis. This might seem like a good deal, until you realize that only one character will be available upon download. The rest of the roster will be available to gamers... at a price.

    Regardless of the controversy surrounding its release, the gameplay itself looks set to satisfy both long-time fan of the Killer Instinct game as well as the fighting game fans at large. With a positively insane combo system, and a graphical horse power to match, this remake is one next-gen title to watch out for.

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