GTA V will be more fast-paced than its predecessors


Developers of GTA V seem to be want players to jump into the game and get their GTA fix ASAP. Speaking in an interview with Jeuxactu, Leslie Benzies, the Rockstar North President wants to change the pace that so many gamers are used to from the prequels.

“I think it was the right strategy for stories we wanted to tell at the time, but not this time. Today, we want to surprise people with very intense mission from the start. The pace of the game is much faster than any of its predecessors.

“From the beginning, we want to show off the new game mechanics while creating intense, action-packed gameplay, to capture the player’s attention immediately. Remember that the three characters in the game are already living in the city of Los Santos and surrounding areas. They are not newcomers like Niko and Tommy Vercetti, or people returning after a long absence like CJ.”

Character development this time will also be tackled in a different manner. Since not all the characters will be playable from the get-go, players will get to know them through a series of missions in the game. This new paradigm in pacing and story-telling is also hinted at the variety of missions in the game. The prequels are well-known for the strange, surreal and sometimes downright implausible missions the characters can undertake; the next title will apparently be more realistic and the characters won’t act out of character for the most part. We can still expect some missions that are not, shall we say, totally sane though. After all, it is still a GTA game, right?

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