• A PS4 Error Corrupting Save Files; No update to Disable DualShock4 Light Bar


    A new error has plagued the PlayStation 4 and it is a severe one. It has been recently noticed when several users posted online regarding this issue. It seems that the error is corrupting save files on the console and is resulting in hours of progress being lost. In severe cases this has even prevented any apps from being opened on the PS4. Check out the 35+ page PlayStation forum thread.

    According to these posts, the problem is known as Error CE-34878-0. For now the error seems to affect files from a list of games like, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag,  NBA 2K14FIFA 14, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4. Thanks to this error one of the users even lost 30 hours of progress according to what he told Joystiq. Others are reporting that this app prevents apps from opening at all and thus making them useless.

    Although some players have reported that deleting the corrupt files allows the apps to be opened again, but it doesn’t seem to work for others. At the moment, according to the forum, there isn’t a singular solution to fix everyone’s problem.

    Moving on to the other bit of issue, although nothing major like the corrupt files issue. It seems that the battery life for the DualShock 4 is not something spectacular. It is decent but some feel it could be a lot better if they just disabled the light bar of the controller for games that don’t need it.

    The fan actually asked Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter whether there would be an update that would actually disable the lightbar when not in use. To this he replied a simple, “No”. So yeah since this isn’t going to happen, maybe just get two controllers and a charging station? Swap the controllers when they are low on juice and you are good to go! I do that, and have had no problems.

  • Playstation 4 sells 1 million in 1 day, Sony "Very Comfortable" 3 million units Sale Predictions

    SCEA CEO Jack Tretton told Bloomberg that there should be no issue at all with the PS4 sales to reach the predicted 3 million units by the end of the year. Supposedly many analysts have confirmed this number and Sony is supposedly “very comfortable” with it.


    Tretton added that Sony has made sure that “adequate” number of PS4s will be available throughout the holiday season. For now Sony is still aiming at the 5 million unit sales prediction by the end of the fiscal year (March 31, 2004).

    Like before he added what seems to be his favourite catch phrase, "This is a marathon, not a sprint, but getting out to a nice start is a good thing. That hurdle has been cleared. We're very, very confident we're in great shape." And he is absolutely right, if we look at the past, all the previous iterations the overall performance shows that it was indeed a marathon.

    For now they are off to an amazing start. 1 million already sold within the first day of launch. And remember, the sales numbers just represents North America, their once weakest link. Andrew House, SCEI President and Group CEO, said:

    "PS4™ was designed with an unwavering commitment to gamers, and we are thrilled that consumer reaction has been so phenomenal. Sales remain very strong in North America, and we expect continued enthusiasm as we launch the PlayStation 4 in Europe and Latin America on November 29. We are extremely grateful for the passion of PlayStation fans and thank them for their continued support."

    I guess the demand is there and Sony might be well on their way to their target 5 million units sold. At the rate at which it is going, they might just do it well before their initial estimated deadline.

  • Will the PS4 be Getting MP3 Playback and Media Server Features Soon?



    It is never easy for a company to gauge how the gamers are going to react to a piece of news. When Xbox One’s reveal had more to say about television than games, gamers all over the world just lost it. Probably seeing the backlash, and keeping to their original plans, Sony aimed at creating a gamer centric device.

    Now that it has been revealed that the PS4 does not support MP3 playback or media servers on launch date, we have a similar situation in our hands.  Gamers worldwide are losing their minds about this. To put this issue to rest Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida has mentioned in several interviews that they have heard the gamers and have currently set engineers from both US and Japan to establish “how and when” these features can be delivered to the PS4. Shuhei Yoshida said that Sony was surprised at the angry feedback:

    "It’s not like we actively decided ‘Let’s not do this feature so that people will subscribe to Music Unlimited.' Like we have been saying, the focus has been always on the game features. And some of the features we wanted but we couldn’t get in on day one we are very disappointed and worried about not having on day one, and that have been the higher priorities."

    The reason why Sony has a huge following for the PS4 is the fact that they have been clear about their mission statement, they are building a game centric system. But I guess consumers want a fully fleshed out entertainments system, and rightfully so. My opinion regarding this is nothing but demonstrating a bit of patience. Considering how fleshed out the PS4 is since launch day, we can give them a few more months to add in the additional stuff. As long as they prioritize gaming, they are good in my books!

  • Playstation 4 The Mandatory Game Installations Explained

    All of you probably know by now that all the digital versions of the PlayStation 4 games will be expectantly huge in size, around 50GB. Now it seems that even the physical copies of the games would require similar amount of space on our hard drives. Guess we all have to keep an eye on our hard drive space. I am upgrading mine to 1TB as soon as I can!


    Kotaku recently just revealed that regardless of what you call it, installation or caching, everyone would be required to save large amounts of PS4 game data to the system’s hard drive. And no there is no alternative, this is mandatory.

    Mark Cerny, PS4's lead architect, described how the PS4 would deal with disc based games in order to clarify the situation. First, the PS4 will start to save parts of the game to its hard drive e.g. Knack will take up in total 37GB of space. Players would need to wait about 10 seconds before they can start playing but the caching will still need to happen. He said that Sony had initially decided to set up a system that would delete installed data the users haven’t touched in a while. But eventually (smartly so if I may add) they decided against it.

    The obvious reason for considering such a system is obvious, as without it we need to delete the data manually. Even a 1TB hard drive can only hold 20 PS4 game data's at one time (launch titles are expected to be around 50GB), where the system only comes with 500GB drive. Basic point being, the PS4 hasn’t been designed to read games off discs, might sound a bit weird but I guess they planned it considering a lot of gamers (including me) are moving towards digital content than physical media.

    However you do need to remember that if you decide to go digital, you will need to give more time for the installation process to complete. Well if this sounds like a deal breaker to you, please do know the Xbox One will work in the exact same way.

  • Amazon Faces "Unprecedented Demand" For NEXT GEN CONSOLES

    This is a really good time to be Amazon! The demand for next gen consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, are through the roof. This puts to rest any and all speculations that the end of the console era is near.

    1 million PS4 day one sales

    The sales numbers for both consoles are breaking all previous records. The sales are going so well that Amazon said that they are working hard to prepare their fulfillment centers for "unprecedented" demand for the consoles. And there is very good reason for them to expect such high sales.

    Currently if you add the pre-order sales for both the PS4 and Xbox One, the result would be the "largest product release in Amazon history", excluding their Kindle sales of course. According to Amazon, the sale numbers are even more surprising due to the high prices of the consoles. A PS4 would set one back $400, while an Xbox One would cost $500.

    Well this just goes to show that there is an ever increasing demand for consoles, and that the gamers are hungry for some action! So if they are smart, Sony and Microsoft should take advantage and present the best deals they possibly can.

  • Microsoft’s New Trailer Shows Off Xbox One’s Multi-tasking Capabilities


    Microsoft just release a cool little trailer showing off the Xbox One’s dashboard capabilities. The console war is heating up every passing day and it would be stupid for the creators not to show case their product’s new and unique features.

    The entire video is basically a showcase of the Xbox One’s voice-controlled functionality using the Kinect. The trailer shows the user using voice commands to switch between several entertainment features; from games to movies, to TV and Skype.

    The display was pretty impressive, being able to record (Game DVR service) and share gameplay videos using via voice commands is definitely cool. However this is still a promo video, and how smooth and intuitive the actual navigation and multi-tasking is, will only be decided after some reviewers get through with it. For now, all we got to do is hold tight and wait for its official launch on November 22.

    Xbox One Trailer - http://youtu.be/1aWrjuBo70o


    dualshock PC compatible

    I know it is nothing major, even expected to some extent but it is a welcome addition nonetheless. From out of the box the PS4 DualShock 4 will be compatible with the PC and will have basic functioning.

    This news was posted on Twitter by Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida who said that the DualShock 4 "analog sticks and buttons will work just fine." Although he did not mention whether any support will be necessary to allow this compatibility, such as how the the PS3 controllers require third-party support to function.

    However judging by his words I guess it will work intuitively. Just like how the PS3 controller works on mobile devices when you simply connect it with a USB cable. However, since he said “basic functionalities”, it is doubtful that DualShock 4's advanced features like the light bar, touch pad, and motion controls will function on Windows PCs. At least not right away.



    All there is no denying that the cross media bad of the PS3 has become outdated. Occlude those who have had the PS3 since launch know the massive improvements that it had gone through. I remember the days where you could not even access the XMB once you were in a game!

    No doubt that compared to the current XMB, the PS4's user interface is not only revolutionary, but also a much needed improvement. Matching the fancy new machine, the PS4's UI looks sleek and so much more advanced that the only way SCE UK boss Fergal Gara could describe the noticeable improvement was that it was a "quantum leap" forward.

    In an interview with Digital Spy, Fergal Gara said that he believes the PS3 XMB has served it’s purpose and that it doesn’t look “fresh and contemporary anymore.” He continued to add,

    "It's not really up to the demands of, particularly, the vision of the PS4, and therefore showing we have absolutely made a quantum leap in terms of our user interface and those design principles of PS4, and demonstrating them live on stage last night, for me, that was a really, really exciting way to start the show."

    Gara’s statement was referring to Sony’s presentation at GamesCom where Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida made a nice cameo and demonstrated the abilities of the new UI while sitting in the centre of the stage with his back facing the audience. If you missed the presentation no worries, you can check out the new UI from the following link.

    PlayStation 4 User Interface: http://youtu.be/EaPoLJyDZmM

  • PS4 Dev Kit Gratis for A Year, Developers Rejoice

    ps4 dev kits

    The competition between Sony and Microsoft in the next-gen console wars covers all fronts, it seems. Not only does Sony prides itself on its less-restrictive DRM policies compared to the Xbox One (which Microsoft famously dropped due to public outcries), the company have brought some major fire power on the indie developers front. Get ready folks, because this one is quite a biggy; the PS4 Dev Kit will be entirely free of charge for a year to developers.

    That’s right. Gratis. Free, at least according to what sources told Polygon. The kit itself usually costs around $2,500, but it seems that Sony is loaning it out for free for a 1-year period. The sources also claim that no dev kits have actually been sold, as the company’s “Become a Registered Developer” website allows for that 1-year free-of-charge loan.

    One developer said “all the indies I know got them for free. Sony has been amazing about kits and developments thus far.” Another dev also corroborates this statement, saying that Sony is handing out the dev kits “like candy.”

    A Sony spokesperson added that self-publishing has been available on the Playstation platform for over five years now, a statement that no doubt would make some Xbox developers’ ears turn red. Sony gives indie devs “lots of options, including funding through the Pub Fund, which is back-end funding paid upon completion of the game.”

    To sweeten the deal further, Sony also waives fees for indies and all digital titles, and they embrace new business models such as F2P, episodic and subscriptions.

  • id Software co-founder says Xbox One and PS4 hardware ‘Essentially the Same’


    John Carmack, the co-founder of id Software discussed his thoughts on the next-gen consoles during a QuakeCon keynote. He says that the two devices are “essentially the same,” according to a report from Gamasutra.

    Carmack said that “it’s almost amazing how close they are in capabilities, how common they are. I haven’t done really rigorous benchmarking [but] they’re very close and they’re both very good”. Although the PS4 seems to be the more powerful console on paper, it seems that Carmack is convinced that they are both capable of some amazing things. However, when it comes to the Kinect, Carmack is a bit more wary.

    Carmack called Microsoft’s motion sensor “sort of like a zero-button mouse with a lot of latency”. The first generation Kinect was a device that had a huge potential, but was marred with inconsistencies and a very dissapointing library of games. Carmack seems to think that the next generation Kinect will have the same problems, saying that “Kinect still has some fundamental limitations with the latency and framerate. It’s fundamentally a poor interaction.”

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