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  • Nintendo’s New Strategy – Games!


    Nintendo got the leg up on the competition, namely Sony and Microsoft, when they revealed their next-gen console (WiiU) a year back in E3 2013. They had pretty much everything going for them - a line-up of strong first party games like Zelda and Mario, a bunch of third party developed games including big names such as Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty.

    Even the new gameplay experience, asymmetric gameplay, made possible with the WiiU Gamepad made die hard Nintendo fan’s ignore and even rejoice the lack luster graphical capacity of the Wii U which only matched that of the PS3 and Xbox360. However it was all for nothing as Nintendo barely managed to get any games out for their new baby.

    Needless to say, without some major news they decided against hosting a press conference this year at E3 2013 simply because nothing could stand in comparison to the proper reveals of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But contrary to rumors suggesting that Nintendo would not show up for E3, they did show up and won the hearts of the fans on the show floor.

    Nintendo seems to have heard the voice of the gamers and seem to be taking steps to ensure that they deliver whatever the gamers desire. A solid business plan that I urge all publishers and studios to follow as well! As such they have brought in a host of first party games starting from Mario Kart 8 to the new Donkey Kong and Super Smash Brothers with Megaman! Most if not all of these games were available for playing at the show floor.

    The games all looked beautiful and pretty much Nintendo fan is dying to get their hands on these. There is no point in arguing and it is pretty much obvious that this is finally a step in the right direction for Nintendo. Hope these games will really help them drive their ever diminishing sales numbers! Although it seems Nintendo might not be directly competing with Microsoft and Sony and WiiU is most likely going to be a secondary console owned by most gamers, I wouldn’t mind seeing Nintendo give the competition a run for their money. The more the competition, the better for us gamers!

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