• PS4 Getting Brand New IP, EverQuest Next, And More!


    MMO fans are going to have a blast this year! Sony seems to be placing major importance on MMO titles new and old, most of which will be hitting the PlayStation 4 sooner than later. All this info comes from an In a Ask Me Almost Anything style Q&A session on Reddit which was later summarized by DualShockers.

    Firstly the president of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedly confirmed that the ever popular MMORPG Everquest Next will indeed be making its way to the PS4. As to when it will arrive exactly he admitted that they are “taking time to do this right” basically meaning we have to wait a bit on that.

    He went on to say that Planetside 2 will be arriving on the PS4 by the first half of 2014 and that fans should be happy to know that SOE has “lots of plans” for implementing new continents. But most intriguing of all is the fact that Smedley teased an completely new project.

    "SWG PLAYERS – OUR NEXT GAME (not announced yet) IS DEDICATED TO YOU. Once we launch it… you can come home now."

    He wasn’t just being all cryptic as he continued on to explain that this indeed will be a "completely new IP" and that the data was hiding somewhere online right now and I quote him "Someone just has to find it,".

    I guess it is sort of an Easter egg for MMO and Sony fans to go forth and try to find out what he is actually talking about. If I find out first, I will make sure to let you guys know right here so keep an eye out!

  • Civilization Online to be a Character-Driven MMORPG, No Involvement From Sid Meier


    “Just. One. More. Turn...” is a phrase most commonly heard from the mouths of Civilization fans all around the world. With five games already released for the franchise, the series has been getting stronger both in terms of gameplay and in terms of graphics. Indeed. Civilization epitomizes the things that make turn-based strategy game fun, and each iteration has set the standard for others to follow. Given the franchises’ illustrious history, it’s hard to imagine Civilization being anything other than an addictive, complex and mind-bending strategy game. And yet, XL Games are doing exactly that; re-imagining the beloved strategy game into a massively multiplayer strategy game with heavy emphasis on role-playing elements.

    Revealed for the PC in an interview at Massively, Civilization Online will have you play as a single character belonging to one of four civilizations, and you will proceed through the Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial and Modern eras. Victory in the game comes from conquering other civilizations or achieving space travel; a nod to the traditional turn-based strategy Civilization. Being a MMO game, players can also expect some PvP combat, which would focus on one-on-one battles, as well as grouping up with other players to sack cities.

    One of the most exciting feature of the game that is carried over from the turn-based strategy prequels is the building aspect of the game; in Civilization Online, players create the world. They will build structures and grow cities, contribute to wonders and decorate your home. As you progress through the game, players will level up, unlock skills, and craft items to sell to other players at auction houses.

    I am excited to see the Civilization franchise finally branching out into other genre, but it’s not necessarily a move to a greener pasture, at least so far. My chief concern has to do with the fact that the series’ founding father, Sid Meier, will not be involved in this game. Whether that will make or break the game remains to be seen, given the scarce information we have on the game so far. What do you think, readers?

  • Final Fantasy XIV a Sony Exclusive


    Final Fantasy XIV commences on countless journeys of a legendary revolutionary MMORPG from Square Enix. As a citizen of the new, visually and beautifully stunning realm of Eorzea, as a player, you will engage actively in a storyline. This Playstation 4 narrated high-definition, real-time adventure that features the game players' own highly versatile and customizable characters in the game will fascinate and intrigue you.

    At the Square Enix Future of Final Fantasy E3 conference, it was announced that those who purchased the PS3 game version will be able to transition the accounts they already have with PS3 to the PlayStation 4 version after it is released in 2014. At the conference it was pointed out that the Final Fantasy XIV will be exclusive to PlayStation. This means it will not be available for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

    Gamers will be able to use their PS4 controllers to explore far away magnificent world. There will be the freedom to alter the gameplay experience by exchanging equipments. You have the opportunity to know what your objectives will be whether you have help or not. The game is created in a way that it accommodates a wide variety of play styles. There is the ability to join players from all over the world in a beautiful and exciting adventure of endless possibilities.

    The Playstation 4 Final Fantasy XIV storyline for PS4 focuses on the armed forces of Niflheim who have initiated a disastrous attack on the Kingdom of Lucis. Crown Prince Noctis and his associates have been thrown out of their homes. Now the adventure begins.

    There are obvious changes on the Playstation 4 controller. It has a wide touchpad that is clickable on the top of the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller. This opens new gameplay possibilities for people who are new to Playstation and those who are veterans. The Playstation 4 controller touchpad can respond to up to two fingers at a time. Input on the control is compared to the ones you see on a Smartphone. Instead of the select and start button, now there is an options button.

    The Final Fantasy XIV game and the PS4 controller will both immerse you in a game play that goes beyond the imagination. The latest installment in the Final Fantasy franchise will draw you in on an awe-inspiring adventurous tale in a world filled with the incredible storytelling traditions of Square Enix.

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