• Possible Naughty Dog Announcement on January 7th?

    We have all been expecting Sony to reveal an new game by the infamous Naughty Dog, be it a sequel to The Last Of Us or Uncharted, or even a brand new IP. Naughty Dog is one of the big guns in Sony's arsenal which they are not afraid to flaunt. This recent catch by DualShockers might just hint at a big announcement on the 7th of January 2014.

    Dualshockers picked up this gem from the Facebook Page of Sony Computer Entertainment Italy. The message on the homepage was in Italian and when translated read, "We have been naughty, and we're proud of it. 6.01.14." Along with this was an image of a lump of coal in the shape of a DualShock 4 controller.


    This is likely a reference to the Italian tradition of Epiphany Day where, like in Christmas, kids get presents and candy, while bad kids are threatened with coal. The date mentioned also happens to be the date of the holiday. Since the word "Naughty" is also mentioned in the image, this could most likely hint to an announcement by Naughty Dog.

    Although this is still a rumor, it is highly likely Sony might be revealing or at least teasing us something on that day. All we got to do now I wait a couple of hours and see what actually happens!  Oh and don't confuse 06.01.14 as June 1st, the date comes first and then the month in Italy.


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