• Microsoft’s New First Party Studio Revealed


    In a recent trademark filing by Microsoft it was revealed one of their existing first-party game studios which have been around for a while. Although it took a while, it has finally received a formal name from Microsoft.

    According to Neowin, the filing was made for a word mark with the description - "The mark consists of the letters LXP' superimposed over an image of an astronaut." More info about this was provided by a NeoGAF user who found that a London based design studio called Territory Studio had created the logo for LXP. It was also revealed that LXP stands for Leap Experience Pioneers.

    From Territory Studio’s website further info about LXP was available, "Leap Experience Pioneers (LXP) are an in-house games developer for Microsoft based in the US. Although they had been in existence for some years they thought it was the right time to define their identity... They considered themselves pioneers (as their name suggests) and wanted to encapsulate the spirit of fronteering Americans - combining a cowboy with an astronaut with attitude. We then set about creating some short animated logo stings and brand guideline document."

    For now, Microsoft is yet to officially reveal LXP or the projects they will or have been working on. Maybe this E3?

  • Mirror's Edge 2 Details Revealed


    So we finally get a bit of information about the much anticipated Mirrors Edge 2. The first game was such a breath of fresh air (though it had its issues) that fans can’t wait to see how the second iteration is going to be like.

    The developers seem to be going for an overhaul while still keeping the core the same. By what has been revealed (rumors) this does seem increasingly exciting. I really love the direction they are taking with it. For every detail available check out NeoGAF admin's EvilChildren website, who claims to have seen "video content of the in-development game."

    Following are some of the more interesting aspects that have been posted on that site:

    -- The game is being targeted for a 2016 release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac.

    -- The E3 2013 teaser was “entirely real-time and generally unscripted,” including combat. The in-development build matches up graphically and mechanically.

    -- The game is a total reboot of the series. The core goal is to create a “living, breathing city” in an open world for players to explore.

    -- The open world environment includes a “persistent, ‘always online’ component,” where the open world is considered a “multiplayer ‘playground’” where other players can seamlessly drop-in or out and freely choose their level of interaction with other players in the game world. Journey‘s online feature was given as an example.

    -- Faith will not have a gun.

    -- Feedback from the first game’s combat system has helped shaped the second’s, which has seen heavy revision. There is no more gun-play or one-button combat, but a “deeper system that emphasizes speed and fluidity.” Environment interaction is a key feature to combat, with Faith being able to push, punch, and kick enemies out of the way, and over ledges, tables, and railings.

    -- Mirror’s Edge 2 is being considered a racing game at heart, as the team is focused on creating a game all about parkour, speed, fluidity, and mastery of the environment. The combat changes are being made to seamlessly integrate encounters and the combat system into the feeling of speed and mastering parkour.

  • Microsoft Paying YouTubers to Portray Xbox One in a Positive Light


    This is a huge bit of new and has been blowing up all over the internet! If you haven’t heard about it then you might want to hear about this! It seems that Microsoft has been offering some extra money to those who make positive youtube videos about the Xbox One and its games.

    This promotional offer was supposedly given to Machinima video partners till 16th January 2014. The videos that qualify for this promotion should contain at least 30 seconds of footage mentioning the Xbox One and then contain the tag “XB1M13”.

    The news went viral when a copy of the full legal agreement  was leaked on the website Ars Technica, which showed that in order to qualify the video could not contain ‘anything negative or disparaging about Machinima, Xbox One, or any of its games’.

    The creators could be neutral and still qualify but in no way were they allowed to talk about the deal to anyone. If everything was done accordingly then the creators would earn extra $3 per thousand views, up to the first 1.25 million video views. So if you did manage to get the most number of views then you could earn about

    If all that was in order they got an extra $3 per thousand views, up to the first 1.25 million video views. Assuming you got the maximum number of views that’s around $3768 per video!  As of now there is no official word from Microsoft regarding this, but this story seems to be quite legit if you check out all the info here at NeoGAF. Even Angry Joe, a big youtube game reviewer, has confirmed it in a tweet.

    Considering it as real, this act is definitely against the law. As can be seen from this link -  UK Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP)  and I highlight the following rules - Rules 2.3 (Marketing communications must not falsely claim or imply that the marketer is acting as a consumer) and 2.4 (Marketers and publishers must make clear that advertorials are marketing communications) seem particularly relevant.

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