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  • NetherRealm on Mortal Kombat X Violence

    Some might say that the violence in mortal Kombat X is simply too brutal and unnecessary even.

    But NetherRealm Studios sees this as a purely fantastical entertainment product, and the gruesome nature is more tongue-in-cheek and noting more.

    Speaking with Polygon, John Edwards the lead game designer says they "don't try to get the gore to be too realistic." And acknowledged that Fatality is just plain gross:

    "But then you laugh about it after, because it's so ridiculous. I mean, pulling the guy's organs out? That's not something that's realistic violence, right? It looks realistic, just graphically because of the power of the new consoles, but it's still very tongue-in-cheek and kind of fantastical."

    Franchise co-creator Ed Boon also told GameSpot that the team actually doesn't want to go too far. He said "there's always a line that you never want to cross" but in all honesty, I can't imagine where that line is. And doesn't the line get pushed farther and farther out with each new installment?

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