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  • Next Call Of Duty May Feature a "Different Movement"

    Industry Insider believes that we can expect changes with the movements to the uber-popular Call of Duty franchise.

    This was spotted by Paradiger, shinobi602 is the original source, he revealed over on Twitter, and he stating that the next CoD will boast movement that are "a little different than Advanced Warfare." He adds that it "won't be like older games “leaving everyone to wonder: What will these changes be, adding some weight to the character, or no EXO suit or a faster movement.

    But then again any drastic changes cannot be made, lest you lose your target audience. Still they did make a few changes to their newest iteration. A lot of people who lost interest in the franchise came back thanks to it. Maybe they’ll pull of something more spectacular seeing how this is their second attempt at the PS4 and Xbox One.

  • Respawn On Titanfall Sequel

    No press release just yet but they are working "a lot of stuff that people are going to be excited about." So says Respawn community manager Abbie Heppe, when he recently spoke in an EXL Podcast.

    One of the highlights of the interview where Heppe’s commented on a working sequel, as they can focus on "the core of what Titanfall is." She stated:

    "We have assets, we have an engine, and we have all of these things that we laid the foundation for in the first game that now we can really build off of in the second. So I think there's going to be a lot of stuff that people are going to be excited about. And that's all I can say."

    As for whether it will have the traditional campaign and more weapons, Heppe only said the team has "definitely heard the feedback."

    Earlier, Respawn boss Vince Zampella said he thought the original game worked well without that campaign, and the shooter genre is dominated by multiplayer. So, don’t get hopes up for a narrative-driven campaign just yet.

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Contains 200 Hours of Gameplay

    Worth the Money? Is a question a lot of players ask themselves when buying a game!

    But if there’s one game that will satisfy the craving, that will with doubt The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

    Previous estimates of the games length were well over 100 hours, but if you choose to do everything there is to do that number might double. Damien Monnier the senior designer, tweeted out that the upcoming game could provide around 200 hours for the completionist.

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is set to release on May 19th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

  • Xbox One April System Update Details

    The latest update for the Microsoft Console will add voice messaging, dedicated servers for party chat and more.

    With the addition to the new features is the ability to leave voice messages for friends. Players will be able to compose and playback a voice message and then send them by double tapping the Xbox button, players will also be able to send messages between the Xbox one and the 360.

    Dedicated servers will also be added for party chat which will improve quality and reliability. The Staff picks will also be tailored based on the latest game you’ve played.

    In the previous update which added the ability to take screenshots and introduced a new suggested friends feature, along with party chat enhancements that adds and icon displaying microphone status, tile transparency, voice search privacy, and the ability to report spam.

  • Driveclub Plus Not Canceled

    PlayStation Plus subscribers were promised a free version of the game when DriveClub was first announced. Sadly that hasn’t happened yet, partially due to the serious issues the developer faced.

    SCEE boss Jim Ryan in a recent interview with Metro UK, made some comments that has made gamers wonder if they will ever see the free iteration of the game.

    Good News, Sony told GameSpot that they’re trying to create a network which can handle the additional stress when the free product hits the PlayStation Store, The statement reads:

    “Although currently we do not have an update regarding the timing for the launch of the PS Plus Edition, we are continually working on improving the server capacity to enable us to launch the PS Plus Edition as quickly as possible."

  • FFXV Development on the Fast Track

    Square Enix told players back in September that Final Fantasy XV was about 55% complete. Now they sat that the game is only 60% complete and that they were still debating with the idea of adding airships. All of this has made it sound like that the game is still a long way from its projected late-2015 launch date. However recently Hajime Tabata said "the end is in sight", now that the demo is done, Tabata states that  a mere 5 percent more doesn't seem like much, "but it's actually a lot more complicated than that."

    This is because in his words the team is to move "much faster", since the demo has been developed. He adds that 60% estimate is conservative. Though, it looks like it took quite some time to build the games demo, which is why the prioritized the demo more than the full game.

    Tabata stated "Because of the way development works, now we've seen a solid milestone, and using that it means the end is in sight in some ways. In development there may be times where we move on with massive leaps and bounds, so the overall number shoots up by 10 percent at a time. I think we're looking at a much faster development in the near future."

  • Battlefield: Hardline Campaign Details

    Battlefield: Hardline will with no doubt center on the multiplayer action.

    But it has a single player campaign, Creative Director of visceral Games Ian Milham addressed the single player game on twitter.

    Here are a few the highlights:

    -- There are ten episodes in the hardline single-player campaign; some episodes will be less than an hour, while some will be a little over an hour. More chapters may arrive via DLC.

    -- Weapons unlocked in single-player don't carry over to multiplayer, but some other "stuff" will.

    -- The decisions you make in the campaign won't be specifically moral.

    -- You play as one character in the campaign, but you will get to see both sides of the conflict.

    -- Don't expect many QTEs.

    -- ...inspirations include the works of film director Michael Mann, including Heat and Miami Vice.

    -- The story itself is linear, but gameplay is more sandbox-style.

    Battlefield: Hardline is set to release on March 17 for current gen and past gen consoles and Pc.

  • Bethesda’s Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Revealed

    The prequel to the very well received Wolfenstein: The new order has been announced by Bethesda, it is a standalone prequel i.e. players will not need to own the original game to play this new expansion to the story.

    Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Will be available as of May 5the 2015 on both Pc and current gen consoles, the price is as follows, USD$20 /£14.99 / €19.99 / AUD$39.95.

    The game will be developed by Sweden-based MachineGames the same studio behind The New Order, the game is set to take place in 1946 where the Nazis are on the brink of winning World war II. In a final attempt the stop the Nazi was machine, B.J. Blazkowicz has been sent on a two part mission deep in Bavaria, Part one will see Blazkowicz return to the classic castle Wolfenstein going head-to-head with a “maniacal prison warden” in order to discover the coordinates of General Deathshead’s compound. Part two, Blazkowicz’s mission lead him to the city of Wulfburg where an “obsessed Nazi archaeologist is exhuming mysterious artifacts that threaten to unleash a dark and ancient power.”

    Jack Gustafsson the producer stated “Diving back into the world of Wolfenstein has really been fun for us, we’ve enjoyed exploring the events leading up to The New Order. We think fans will really enjoy the story, all the action and, of course, jumping back into the combat with new weapons.”

  • Batman: Arkham Knight’s M Rating Explained

    The scenes that have earned Batman: Arkham Knight its Mature rating has finally been revealed. Last month it was revealed that Rocksteady’s final game in its Arkham trilogy, is the first game to get a rating other than a Teen rating by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

    The ESRB’s centers their explanation on a scene where someone is tortured on "a bloody operating table", they also mention that there are moments where you can shoot unarmed characters and a hostage, this raises a question if you play as a character other than the dark knight at some point, for batman is known for his refusal to kill, the statement follows -

    "This is an action-adventure game in which players primarily assume the role of Batman as he battles several villains spreading chaos across Gotham City. Players traverse a variety of locations around Gotham while battling thugs, examining crime scenes, and occasionally rescuing hostages. Players engage in melee-style combat using punches, kicks, and gadgets (e.g., batarangs, explosives). Enemies cry out in pain when struck, and some takedowns are highlighted by brief slow-motion effects and loud impact sounds.”

    “Some sequences allow players to use tank-like vehicles with machine gun turrets and rockets to shoot enemies; a vehicle's wheels are also used to torture an enemy in one sequence. Cutscenes depict characters getting shot (on and off camera) while restrained or unarmed. Large bloodstains/pools of blood appear in crime scenes and in the aftermath of violent acts; one room depicts a person torturing a character on a bloody operating table. During the course of the game, players can shoot unarmed characters and a hostage. Neon signs in a red-light district read “live nude girls” and “XXX.” The words “b*tch,” “gobsh*te,” and “a*s” appear in the dialogue."

  • MGS 5: The Phantom Pain Release Date

    The release date for MGS: The Phantom Pain has been revealed, for the players who prefer to play on their consoles both old and current gen, can get their hands on the game as of September 1st whereas PC gamers will be getting it a few weeks later on the 15th of September. Metal Gear Online, will also go live on launch date as well.

    And for the hardcore collectors and fans the MGSV collector’s edition will come with a lot of content both physical and digital. These include:-

    • Half-scale Replica of Snake's Bionic Arm
    • Collectible Steel Book
    • Behind-the-Scenes Documentary and Trailers Blu-Ray Disc
    • A Map
    • Exclusive Packaging

    And for the digital goods are as follows:-

    • Weapon and Shield Pack (Windurger S333 Comba Special Weapon, Adam-ska Special Weapon, Maschinen aktische Pistole 5 Weiss Special Weapon, Rasp Short-Barreled Shotgun Gold Special Weapon, and a Personal Ballistic Shield in Olive Drab, Silver, White, and Gold)
    • Cardboard Box (Rocky Terrain, All-Purpose Dryland, and Wetland)
    • Snake Costume (Fatigues in Black Ocelot, Gray Urban, Blue Urban, and All-Purpose Dryland)
    • "Venom Snake" Emblem
    • Metal Gear Online XP Boost
    • MGO Items (Metal Gear Rex Helmet, Golden AM MRS-4, and Golden WU S.PISTOL).

    For the players who didn’t pick up the collector’s edition, can still grab the “Day one Edition”, which includes a physical map, as well as some digital goods such as:-

    • Adam-Ska Special Weapon
    • Personal Ballistic Shield (Silver)
    • Cardboard Box (Wetland)
    • Fatigues (Blue Urban Snake Costume)
    • Metal Gear Online XP Boost

    The Steam edition will include these above mentioned content at launch.


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