PlayStation 4 Camera



    Although Sony has not been emphasizing much on their new PlayStation 4 eye like Microsoft has on their Kinect 2.0, little by little we do get to hear some pretty cool features of the PS4 eye that make it that much more comparable to the Kinect 2.0.

    The latest update was noticed from the listing of the PS4 eye on Amazon where a bullet point describing the produce read, “from navigational voice commands to facial recognition, the PlayStation Camera adds incredible innovation to your gaming.” This pretty much confirms that the PS4 Eye will support voice recognition and is supported by a job listing from Sony that was seen some time ago for a “Speech Recognition Intern”:

    This upgrade does make the PS4 that much closer to the Xbox One, if one were to own the PS4 Eye. However exact comparison is difficult to make as this feature has not been highlighted by Sony, and even the voice recognition feature of Kinect 2.0 will only be available in 5 markets at launch.

    Currently the PS4 camera is not bundled with the console and will be available separately at a price tag of $60. Sources believe this decision was made by Sony to beat Microsoft at the price point of their console, and which for now has been widely successful based on pre-order numbers alone.

    Even more interesting is that recent news suggests that Sony will be releasing a bundle of Sony PS4 + PS4 Eye + Killzone: Shadow fall for $499 which is the exact same price as the Xbox One will be launching at. That is going to be one difficult deal to turn down.

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