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  • PlayStation Vue Details

    The PlayStation Vue is currently available in New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Sony plans to expand as quickly as possible

    Eric Lempel SNE’s Vice president during a recent interview explained further:

    "Everything we've launched usually comes out by country. In this case, because we felt local programming was important to the users, we wanted to make sure we got those deals signed so that it involves the local affiliates individually. But this year, we will be delivering a lot of new markets, so it's something that will evolve very quickly."

    Lempel also dubbed Vue as "a complete TV offering" and it should be given the price. The prices vary ranging from $50, $60, or $70 per month, depending on different subscription.

    While those values seem higher than Netflix and Hulu. Sony says that they are competing with cable companies such as Comcast. Lempel responded to some questions regarding different bundles:

    "We looked at that ... But you'll quickly see that if you choose a few of those, you'll be at a price much higher than our tiers. In our research and talking to consumers, they really did want that bundled offering. ... I think we'll continue to see this space evolve and similar to what we've done in the past, this product will evolve. We're adding new networks on a regular basis; we're in talks with a lot people."

    For those wondering, PlayStation Plus is not required for access to Vue, PlayStation Vue will also be accessible simultaneously across via three different devices at no extra.

  • PlayStation TV Coming to US in October 2014


    The PlayStation TV, formerly known as the Vita TV, is finally making its way to the US and Europe. It has been revealed that it will arrive in North America somewhere in the 14th of October 2014, while on 14th of November in Europe.

    It will cost $99 in North America and €99 in Europe. European consumers will also receive 3 free digital games with the device, though the same has not yet been confirmed for North America.

    If you are not sure of what it does exactly, let me summarize. It can play PS Vita, PSP and PS1 games. It also is compatible with Sony’s PS Now streaming service. Also via the Remote Play feature, PS4 games can be streamed from a console attached to a TV to another TV attached to PS TV.

    The PS TV also supports both DualShock 3 and DualShock 4 controllers. Currently there is also a bundle available which comes with the PS TV, a Dual Shock 3 controller, 8GB memory card, Lego Movie the Videogame for $139.99.

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