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  • PS Now Rental Options Released On PlayStation Store


    Although The PlayStation Now service will be rolling out this summer in North America, we already have the option of renting certain games right now. As reported by MP1st, a recent PSN update has allowed access to links for 1, 7, and 30 day rentals for the game Catherine. If you attempt to rent the game, the title is places on the transaction history.

    Right now, the cost for rental is set to “Free”. This could possibly be a promotion for PS Plus members though as the cost of buying the full game is $9.99. It definitely is a cool idea and can’t wait to see what games pop up here. For gamers who just want to enjoy the game and not spend $60 on it, this sounds like the best way to do it.

    Only time will tell how this will shape up. For now the PS Plus itself might be more than enough for some gamers. I for one have more games than I can play! Would you consider renting games out?

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