Quantic Dream



    With beautifully original and though provoking tiles like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream is in no way a stranger to gamers. Considering their amazing work on the PS3, I wonder how much more amazing their project being developed for the PlayStation 4 is going to be.

    Other than Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream had only shown PS4 stage during the console’s initially revealed this past February. The demo was titled The Dark Sorcerer and basically showed off the capabilities of the console. But no clue was given regarding what their next IP was really going to be about.

    Till now all that has been said by David Cage, Quantic Dream boss, was that the game will be “very, very different” in comparison to Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. He added that they were “building on the same grounds but in a very, very different way." Considering both titles mentioned are already quite different from other AAA titles, I really have no idea what to expect. But it is safe to say that that is exactly what they are going for.

    "People should expect to be surprised again because this is really what we try to do with each game: not give people what they expect, give them something they want maybe without knowing this is what they want" added Cage.

    Currently this mystery project is in the pre-production phase mainly because the studio had been investing all resources on Beyond. Cage had said before that this game will be featuring “one of the strongest concepts” he has ever come up with, which makes waiting for the reveal that much harder.

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