• Star Trek: The Game - Keep your beam away from me Scotty


    Have you ever opened a present that was wrapped in the shape of the object that you desired most to discover the wrapping was a deception used to hide something else? Games that are based on movies and come out a full week ahead of the film are not even worth renting. I should have learned this a long time ago but now I know it for certain.


    The story is non-existent and the little that actually makes sense is not worth paying attention to. To make a long story short, Aliens steal a weapon and the Star Trek crew shoots at them until it is recovered. The gameplay is not much better. Dull combat, rampant bugs, terrible animations, and repetitive puzzles bring the true joy out in this monstrosity. Weapons explode in your hands for no reason, characters move through walls and clip objects with wild abandon while the lip syncing is comparable to Kung Fu Theater classics. There is a co-op mode for the game but the game itself is such a letdown that when you are playing with another person you feel like you are punishing them by dragging them along with you through a digital mess. The mini games are a pain as well because they become a hindrance to the gameplay.  For example using the Tricorder to progress will make you simply want to put the controls down instead of constantly scanning everything around in hopes of finding something to interact with. STGame-modded-controllers The actual environments that the game takes place in are just as bad as the rest of what this game spews forth. The landscapes are are ugly, the alien weapons make you not want to pick them up let alone use them. As far as the weapon variety goes there are different weapons but good luck with actually noticing a difference between them. The one redeeming factor about the graphics is that Star Trek fans will actually appreciate the insides of the Enterprise itself as it seems to be the only thing in this game that was done correctly. You would think at this point in gaming history the formula for creating a decent shooter should be etched in stone and all developers need to do is use a crayon and paper to make a rubbing. At this point there is no excuse for the brutally incomplete and incomplete development of this title. It pains me to bring forth a review about a game that I had hopes for but I am instead disappointed as well as bewildered.

    Written by: David Ausberry

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