Sony Challenges Microsoft - Used Games & Always Online Policy




Microsoft has been taking a LOT of heat over a few issues regarding the Xbox One. I guess it all started during the Xbox One reveal conference where Microsoft highlighted television and sports over games. Fan backlash over this has been seen all over the internet. Just check out this video of the Microsoft Press Conference highlight:

Xbox One Reveal -

Since the initial blunder Microsoft has not been able to get back on the horse. That is exactly why when it came to E3 2013, Microsoft made sure they said NOTHING about TV and sports and highlighted as many games as possible. But that was still not enough as Sony not only revealed their console this E3 but also brought an impressive list of games.

Assuming that at that point if the competition was neck and neck, Sony just blew away the competition by adding one small detail – PS4 games can be shared. Just look at videos of the Sony conference and hear the fans going crazy. As the final blow they also reveal that PS4 will not need an internet connection for playing unlike Xbox One which will require players to sign in at least once every 24 hours.

PS4 Used Games:

How to Share PS4 Game:

The funny thing is that just like Microsoft, Sony was also supposed to have these limitations and there is definitely a possibility that Sony decided against them after seeing what happened to Microsoft. The way I see it is that, regardless of what Sony considered when making this decision one thing is for sure, they definitely considered the gamers. That is why I guess Sony won this E3 in my opinion.

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