• Sony To Announce PS4 Exclusives for Holiday 2015?

    Seeing how Uncharted 4: A Thief's End was delayed to 2016, we wondered whether PlayStation 4’s holiday lineup would remain lack luster. Seems this may not be the case.

    Speaking to MCV, UK Managing Director Fergal Gara said,

    "I won't go into any detail now. There is plenty for gamers to get excited about already, such as Tearaway for PS4 and No Man's Sky. That's just the start of what is on the table right now. So I don't have any concerns that we will have a lack of strong software for PS4 this peak."

    This somehow feels awfully suggestive that Sony has something up their sleeves. With E3 coming up it might be the perfect time to reveal what they have been working on. He continued on to say,

    "My sense is that the new platforms have opened up the ambitions of developers and the capabilities of what they can achieve. What has then happened since has been a bit of rushing to market and a couple of not perfect launches. That's perhaps driven some conservatism to not overly force this and make sure we get it right--there's been an adjustment of pace."

    He added regarding the flood of delayed games, "I have been hearing stories from around the industry that give me assurance that developers have got a better grasp on things, so we will be in increasingly good shape.”

  • "Sony Paid Gamers More Respect" Say Unity CEO

    The console war as we call it is a simple comparison of which console is better, being fueled by fanboy-ism. The reason for comparison at its core is simple, to allow the consumers to decide which machine will give them the most features and/or the best price.

    Speaking at GamesBeat Summit, Unity CEO John Riccitello said the following in regards to the approaches taken by Sony and Microsoft this generation,

    "There was a clash of ideas that really separated Sony and Microsoft in this generation... The clash of ideas was simply this. They actually had very similar architectures that they were trying to bring to the table, but Microsoft focused on the entertainment marketplace.

    I think it was a little bit like a game of pool. Microsoft was focused on the shot after the one they needed to make... but they missed the first shot and they didn't get another shot at it. Sony worried about the shot they needed to make, which was [to] win the hearts and minds of the gamers. They did a better job of execution with that. Frankly, the broad scope of entertainment may be a bigger idea, but not with an unfocused execution... Sony nailed it. They paid respect, more respect, to our community than the other guys."

  • No Man’s Sky Will Get First-Party Treatment from Sony

    Although you can’t call a first party title technically but, Sony is going to be treating at such regardless.

    No Man’s Sky has made a huge name for itself because of the brilliant tech behind the game. It is simple, beautiful, and is promising an endless sandbox for players to dip in. This seemingly brilliant creation from Hello Games is a timed PlayStation 4 exclusive, and Sony plans on taking advantage of that window to the max.

    Talking with MCV, Sony UK Managing Director Fergal Gara said,

    "No Man's Sky has been treated as if it was from one of our internal studios. We have been working very closely with the developers and bringing it into our release program as if we had made it.

    We are not going to treat it any differently and we are going to put the full weight of PlayStation behind it. If it all comes together as well as expected, it will be treated like a first-party release; it is not a self-published small indie title on the platform."

    After the PS4, No Man’s Sky will make its way to the PC. There is no word however whether it will ever be launched on the Xbox One. As such we are fair to assume that this game should be considered a PlayStation Exclusive.

  • PlayStation Vue Details

    The PlayStation Vue is currently available in New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Sony plans to expand as quickly as possible

    Eric Lempel SNE’s Vice president during a recent interview explained further:

    "Everything we've launched usually comes out by country. In this case, because we felt local programming was important to the users, we wanted to make sure we got those deals signed so that it involves the local affiliates individually. But this year, we will be delivering a lot of new markets, so it's something that will evolve very quickly."

    Lempel also dubbed Vue as "a complete TV offering" and it should be given the price. The prices vary ranging from $50, $60, or $70 per month, depending on different subscription.

    While those values seem higher than Netflix and Hulu. Sony says that they are competing with cable companies such as Comcast. Lempel responded to some questions regarding different bundles:

    "We looked at that ... But you'll quickly see that if you choose a few of those, you'll be at a price much higher than our tiers. In our research and talking to consumers, they really did want that bundled offering. ... I think we'll continue to see this space evolve and similar to what we've done in the past, this product will evolve. We're adding new networks on a regular basis; we're in talks with a lot people."

    For those wondering, PlayStation Plus is not required for access to Vue, PlayStation Vue will also be accessible simultaneously across via three different devices at no extra.

  • PS4 Update "Yukimura" Details

    Highly anticipated update for the PS4, 2.50 aka Yukimura, is finally out. It adds a lot of new improvements to the PS4. Following are the details of the update. Here is what John Koller, Vice President of Platforms Marketing, had to say about their plans of supporting the PS4 in the future with such updates:

    "With more than 20 million PlayStation 4 systems worldwide, PlayStation gamers are the foundation for our success. We are constantly listening to feedback from our growing community regarding improvements to make their PlayStation experience even better. We continue to focus on making PS4 the best place to play with friends. That's why we're delivering features like Facebook Friend Finder, Suspend/Resume to get into gaming quicker, a more streamlined Party and friending process, and new ways for users to see what their friends are playing so they can immediately get in and game together."

    Details of the update according to the press release:

    Jump Back Into Games Faster with Suspend/Resume

    Suspend/Resume, which will be supported by nearly all PS4 titles, will allow PS4 owners to spend less time waiting for games to load and more time playing. Gamers will be able to suspend their game by putting their PS4 system into Rest Mode, and then quickly resume the game where they left off by pressing the PlayStation button on the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, which wakes their system.

    Back-Up and Restore Hard Disc Drive to External USB Drive

    "Yukimura" allows PS4 owners to back-up and restore the hard disc to and from an external USB drive. Hard disc drive data includes settings, saved data, screenshots and video clips as well as games, patches and download data.

    Find and Connect with Friends

    PS4 owners will now be able to search for Facebook friends with their linked account. Friend requests and Real Name requests can be sent together in one step when adding a friend on the PS4 system. The update will allow users to easily view what their friends are playing by adding a "Friends Who Play This" section on each game detail page, while also highlighting which friends are currently online and playing it. The process to create a Party has also been streamlined with a reduction in the number of steps required. Additionally, the What's New section will now feature a section where users can see what their friends are currently playing enabling them to join in the game if they own it or find out more on PlayStation®Store.

    Share Your Earned Trophies and Trophy List Enhancements

    PS4 owners have been sharing their most impressive gaming moments since the launch of the system, and with "Yukimura," a screenshot will automatically be captured when a Trophy is earned, making it easy for users to share their favorite gaming moments with their friends. The update will also make it easy for players to share Trophy information to Facebook, Twitter or via Message by pressing the SHARE button. Additionally, users will now be able to sort their Trophy list by "Earned Date," "Not Earned," and "Grade," as well as the option to remove games from the Trophy list that have zero percent completion.

    Improved and Expanded Accessibility Options

    "Yukimura" introduces new options to customize the user experience with the PS4 system, making it easier for gamers with impaired vision and limited manual dexterity to play. Customized button assignments for DUALSHOCK 4 and a zoom feature for displayed pictures and inverted colors will be available for all system functions, apps and games. Text-to-speech and enlarged text will be available across the graphical user interface, including Message and Party, and enlarged text will also be enabled for use in the system's browser. Bolder fonts and higher contrast UI will be available for all system applications but will not apply to games or third-party applications.

  • PS4 Will Have a Massive Over Xbox One By 2019

    Not including the few months of holiday’s season where the Xbox one price dropped once again, PlayStation 4 has sold better so far this generation.

    A recent report from citing a Strategy report that Sony will be the “unquestioned leader” over the first five years of this current generation of gaming.

    The firm’s connected Home devices report that the PS4 "is on path to reproduce the success of the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii." They predict that Sony will enjoy a worldwide installed user base of 80 million by 2019. Further notes states that the PS4’s first-year sale is very close to the uber-dominant PS2, PS4 selling 18.5 million and PS2 selling 20.1 million whereas the PS3 sold only 10.6 million during its first year.

    On the other hand Xbox One has sold 12.4 million on its first year out selling the Xbox 360 which sold 10.4 million, which faced similar challenges to the PS3. The lowest sale going to the Wii U which sold a low 5.9 million but is "staging a modest comeback" thanks to first-party software.

    Eric Smith the senior strategy Analytics stated:

    "Despite reports to the contrary, the game console market is not dead. Core gamers have moved faster to this current generation than in any previous generation. The main difference in this generation is that casual gamers who bought a Wii are remaining largely on the side lines as free-to-play casual games and midcore games on tablets and smartphones have captured this segment of consumers."

  • Evolve’s DLC Plans Defended by Turtle Rock Studios

    DLC is definitely a sensitive topic. One of the anticipated games of the year so far, EVOLVE, has already stated its lengthy DLC plans which basically did not go to well with the gamers. I guess the main reason for the outcry was the price of the DLCs.

    In order to curb the onslaught, Turtle Rock co-founder Phil Robb came on the Evolve’s forum to explain the situation. He wanted to clarify that the DLCs planned were justified and that they did not cut any content from the game to create the DLCs.

    Robb worte, "When Evolve hits the shelves, none of the DLC will be done. Behemoth won't be done. None of the planned DLC hunters or monsters will be done. The only exception to this might be some skins that were working on now while we wait for all the final stages of packaging, manufacturing etc. to finish."

    He went on to add that the new Monsters and Hunters planned will require more money and time to create, and that it would be obvious to players once they get their hands on it. He also added that they just simply did not have the time and resources to include the planned DLC content into the base game itself:

    "As we got closer to finishing Evolve we ended up with designs for a bunch of monster and hunters that we just didn't have the time and money to make. Instead of throw them all out, why not put together a budget to make them as DLC? Means more content for the people who love the game and want more. It also means all those ideas get to see the light of day. Oh yeah, and it means more work for TRS and we can keep paying our bills and making cool stuff!"

    Well I can’t fight with that logic. All I can say is vote with your wallets. No one is forcing you to buy the DLCs or even the game itself. If you feel like the game is worth it and so is the DLCs, then support the developers so they can continue to make content you enjoy!

  • Spotify Replaces Music Unlimited on PlayStation

    Sony Network Entertainment International LLC (SNEI) announced a partnership with Spotify that will deliver in their words "best-in-class digital music" to the PlayStation Network and its 64 million active users.

    This partnership will allow Sony to launch a new music the partnership will allow Sony to launch a new music app/program it will be called PlayStation Music and it will be available in 41 markets. It’ll be available on the PlayStation first and foremost, like other music services, it will make its way slowly but surely to smartphones and tablets. Andrew House SCEI President and Group CEO stated:

    "Music is a core component of the entertainment offering that consumers expect from Sony, and our goal with PlayStation Music is to provide the most compelling music experiences to the millions of PlayStation Network users around the world. This partnership represents the best in music and the best in gaming coming together, which will benefit the vibrant and passionate communities of both Spotify and PlayStation Network. We're thrilled to make Spotify the foundation of our strategy with PlayStation Music."

    PSN users will have it fast and easy as they will be able to link their accounts to Spotify, making it easy to subscribe to Spotify's Premium service. This service will offer over 30 million songs and 1.5 billion playlists on both past and current gen, as well as smartphones and tablets. PS4 users will be able to use Spotify during game plays/game streams.

    This new service will in fact replace the current Music Unlimited service and will close in all 19 countries around 29th march, 2015.

  • SOE Goes Independent

    Sony Online Entertainment which has existed since 1995 is no more.

    The former SOE have become a completely independent company, thanks to investment management firm Columbus Nova, which have purchased SOE for an undisclosed sum. With this independence comes the freedom to develop games for multiple platforms, the studio stated: "Yes, that means PlayStation and Xbox, mobile, and more!"

    On top of which, the new name of SOE is the Daybreak Game Company; "This name embodies who we are as an organization, and is a nod to the passion and dedication of our employees and players. It is also representative of our vision to approach each new day as an opportunity to move gaming forward."

    The company reassured the fans that this would not change a thing in terms of future projects. "It will be business as usual and all SOE games will continue on their current path of development and operation.”

  • Sony Santa Monica Keeps Teasing

    Sony Santa Monica continues to dangle the cheese.

    Earlier they tweeted out a tease that sort of revealed a new God of War for the PS4, The tweet later disappeared. Then another tease during the PlayStation Experience. DualShockers spotted this trend, implying that the team kept saying things they shouldn’t.

    This tease continued with their latest post in a blog update: "And while I’m sure the PlayStation Experience will be back for Round 2 sometime late next year, we expect that Santa Monica Studio will play a significant role in it yet again.""

    This of course doesn't mean much but again like the rest disappeared. It could just be that Sony didn’t want anyone talking about PlayStation Experience, or the studio wasn’t really sure if they would feature at the event. This all proves that a new God of war might not be as close as we might like.

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