Splinter Cell: Blacklist’s Spies vs Mercs mode previewed


If you are as excited as I am about the new installment of Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell franchise, then you are in for a treat; the company have released two videos showing off the fantastic Spies vs Mercs multiplayer mode, with each video previewing the different interactions and gameplay that from both factions.

The first video showcases the Spy side of things. Players can now choose between two roles now; you can either be a hacker, or a support player. The support player acts as a distraction for the Mercs, taking the heat away from the players who can then proceed to score in a match. Not only that, the brand new cloaking system was showcased in the video too. Cloaking is an exciting feature that allows wily Spies to traverse the map more fluidly without the risk of discovery by the Mercs. Of course, to balance things out, the Spies can only cloak themselves for a short few seconds, and the system has a considerable recharge time.

Another interesting tool that the Spies have gotten this time around is the ‘death from above’ feature. This system effectively gives the Spies a way to knock down a Merc for a brief amount of time by dropping down on them from a higher ground, ala classic spy movies. The Spy side of things have always been the more fluid and tense experience on Splinter Cell multiplayer modes, and these new features just seem to add more icing on the cake, so to speak.

For all of you aspiring Splinter Cell Mercs out there, fear not, as you will get to play around with some new tools as well. The Mercs have always been traditionally played from a first person perspective, which adds a whole new twist to the already superb multiplayer setup. It is that much harder to spot Spies with your limited field of vision, and this feature has thankfully been kept in Blacklist. To help Mercs bring the Spies down, they are now equipped with more high-tech gadgetry than ever. The most interesting gadget is a tagging device; Mercs are now able to deploy this device that will highlight any spies in the area via a red silhouette once they are tagged. The Mercs will also get their hands on a drone, which is a tiny rotor-based device that’s able to quickly manouver around the map, seek out Spies, and end them.

One of the most limiting aspect of playing as the Mercs was their limited movement compared to the Spies; previously the Mercs have difficulty moving around the map due to their limited mobility; not being able to climb over objects being the most egregious of them all. Now, Mercs are able to climb over various simple objects, such as balconies, in order to engage the enemy much more fluidly.

I am personally going bananas over the prospect of playing this mode on the 20th of August when Blacklist will hit the shelves. Which side are you going to play as the most, readers?

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