• Sony aims to Scare Gamers with Their Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Survival MMO – H1Z1


    Sony’s upcoming zombie survival game, a post-apocalyptic survival MMO, H1Z1 aims to scare gamers. In an interview with GameSpot Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley said,

    "If you watch Walking Dead, you will be right at home in terms of the kind of zombies we have and the atmosphere we're trying to create. We want you to be afraid of the zombies and of other players."

    H1Z1 was announced by Sony earlier this month. The game will be a free-to-play MMO boasting destructible world with a day/night cycle, dynamic weather and crafting system. Unlike other games the zombies in this are created to be a severe threat to the gamers, and are designed to be “unpredictable” thus giving them a real scare factor.

    Smedley clearly said that DayZ is definitely a source of inspiration for their game and I think Rust as well was a sort of an inspiration, "It's definitely fair to say that DayZ is inspiration for it, absolutely. And, I'll be honest, there's a lot of other games out there that were inspiration for it, too. I would say DayZ was sort of a catalyst kind of thing."

    The DayZ standalone has already sold over 2 million copies even though it is still in alpha. Although Smedley did give credit to DayZ for some inspiration he wanted to make clear that H1Z1 was a unique experience.

    "If you're a zombie-loving PC player, you better be playing DayZ, because it's fun as hell. DayZ did a brilliant job imagining the apocalypse. Now, the way I view it, that's their apocalypse. We've got our own ideas. Our game has got a lot of its own features; not just features but it's got its own feeling. We're going for a very, very zombie-heavy [experience]."

    H1Z1 will arrive sometime this year with rumors suggesting we will see its release on Steam in just a couple of weeks. It won’t be too ridiculous to assume that it might make its way to the PS4. In conclusion Smedley said, "We're focused on getting it out on the PC first. As a Sony company we're really excited about PS4 and the opportunities we have there"..

  • Is Google Going to make their own Console?

    Google Console

    It seems everybody is trying to be a part of the gaming industry now- Steam, OUYA, Sony, Microsoft, and a ton of smaller crowd-funded companies are looking to get involved, and now, it could be possible that even Google will get involved with the gaming scene.

    Whilst Google is most well-known for its web search service, it also has a big influence on the tech world. Currently Google is the owner of one of the most used mobile operating systems today, and that is Android, an OS that is used on phones from the likes of Samsung, HTC and many other well-known mobile manufacturers.

    The OUYA console is in fact running a version of Android too. Google has made their operating system incredibly versatile, and it seems everywhere you see an Android device, it looks slightly different to everywhere else.

    It’d seem a waste to let the possibilities of Android not flourish, and it could be possible that Google want to take advantage of their open Android operating system by creating their own Android-powered console.

    The main reason Google may be developing a console is to simply out-maneuver Apple- Google’s rival company that also has plans to release a console along with the next generation of Apple TVs.

    To be really worth a chance of standing up against other consoles though, Google would have to make the console have enough grunt to manage next generation games, because without that, it’d end up being nothing more than another OUYA, a small mini console that has just enough hardware to play smartphone games.

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