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  • Alien: Isolation Confirmed – New Survival/Horror


    Well the rumors had been flying around for some time about the new Alien game being developed by creative assembly. I am glad to finally bring you some official news.

    Sega has just confirmed that the project does exist and will be called Alien: Isolation. This title is currently being developed for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. As for the tentative release, the game has been scheduled to launch near somewhere in Q3 2014. We have also been graced with some details of the story.

    This time our protagonist will be Ellen Ripley's daughter, Amanda, a girl in her mid-twenties working for Weyland-Yutani. It all begins when she arrives on remote station Sevastopol, on an attempt to to recover the flight recorder of the Nostromo. She soon realizes there is a xenomorph hiding on the Sevastopol, and thus the action begins.  Fortunately this time around the developers have decided to stick to the tried and true survival/horror genre which in my honest opinion is perfect for this series. Alien was never really felt like a mindless shooter.

    Although few of us have been able to get the horrid aftertaste of Aliens: Colonial Marines out of mouths, the GameSpot's hands-on preview actually gives some sort of hope as to this might end up being something to look forward to, and a treat to fans of this franchise like me.

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