• Sony Santa Monica Keeps Teasing

    Sony Santa Monica continues to dangle the cheese.

    Earlier they tweeted out a tease that sort of revealed a new God of War for the PS4, The tweet later disappeared. Then another tease during the PlayStation Experience. DualShockers spotted this trend, implying that the team kept saying things they shouldn’t.

    This tease continued with their latest post in a blog update: "And while I’m sure the PlayStation Experience will be back for Round 2 sometime late next year, we expect that Santa Monica Studio will play a significant role in it yet again.""

    This of course doesn't mean much but again like the rest disappeared. It could just be that Sony didn’t want anyone talking about PlayStation Experience, or the studio wasn’t really sure if they would feature at the event. This all proves that a new God of war might not be as close as we might like.

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