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There is no doubt TitanFall is going to be huge. Almost everyone who had the chance to play the open beta had only positive things to say about the game. Coming from the creators of the what we have come to know of the intense tight combat in Call of Duty, it is no surprise that this brain child would also impress.

As you all know already TitanFall is a Microsoft exclusive of sorts. Basically it will be on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, but not on any other console. Additionally TitanFall will also be available on PC. My guess is basically in order to get this game to be an exclusive, Microsoft had to agree to have the game on PC and Xbox 360 as well in order to guarantee the publishers a big consumer base.

Now without a doubt, TitanFall is the biggest exclusive that Xbox One has coming out for now. And it makes sense that they will try to use it as a system seller, which they already are. The UK exclusive bundle has been on sale since the 28th of February at a price of €500. The bundle will come with a download code for Titan Fall and a month’s access to Xbox Live. There is also a worldwide bundle of Xbox One + Titan Fall priced at $499. So basically you get Titan Fall with an Xbox One (while stocks last of course).

This is the perfect way for Microsoft to promote the Xbox One. Right now the PS4: Xbox One ratio is reaching 2:1 worldwide. But here comes the next bit of issue. Is TitanFall going to be the system seller Microsoft needs it to be? For one, it is available on Xbox 360s so you necessarily don’t need to get an Xbox One for that. But of course it will be MUCH better on the Xbox One, but then if you have a gaming PC you probably won’t spend $500 to get an Xbox One to play the game.

Recent figures show that Sony has sold at least 5.3 million PS4s while Microsoft has reported shipping (not sold) 3.9 Xbox Ones. This is a considerable lead which Microsoft has to catch up to. Even with the bundle PS4 is still going to be a challenge to beat as it is only priced at €400, a solid €100 cheaper (worth a game and a 1 year PS Plus membership). TitanFall releases on 11th March 2014, so just a few days left till we find out how well this game helps Microsoft.

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