• Treyarch: Black Ops III is Better Due To 3-Year Cycle

    The whole idea of adding Sledgehammer Games to the team of Activision and Treyarch was to give each developer full 3 years to create their iteration of the Call of Duty franchise. Seems Treyarch thinks that this time was much needed.

    In an interview with Game Informer, Dan Bunting (multiplayer director) said that the new gameplay style might not have been possible to achieve in the old two-year development cycle routine,

    “In the two-year development cycles, the kinds of risks we're taking right now, we wouldn't be able to do with just two years because it needs so much iteration. We iterated on the first set of multiplayer maps for] a year. That's three maps we were working on and each one was constructed in a different way so that we could learn how the different map shapes and the different ways that you pace combat felt differently with the different moving mechanics as they came in.”

    Seems like the new Specialist character system they developed was another feature they might not have been able to pull off otherwise. Bunting says that this is a more fleshed out version of the Pick 10 system they implemented in Black Ops II. Without the additional time, they might not have been able to improve that system any further.

  • Sledgehammer Developing the "Best Call Of Duty Ever"


    So the rumors were indeed true and Sledgehammer Games are currently on the process of developing the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise. Since forever Infinity Ward and Treyarch had been taking turns making the CoD titles so this would bring an end to that chain.

    Sledgehammer was initially rumored to be creating a third-person spin off of CoD which was scrapped later. They instead helped in the production of Mordern Warfare 3. Now finally their chance to step up to the plate, and Activision seems real confident about them.

    Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has said that they believe that this iteration of CoD could “perhaps be the best Call of Duty game ever created.” Although it is a pretty big statement I guess we can only wait to see if it is true.

    The fact that this is meant for the next gen consoles PS4, Xbox One (probably even PS3 and Xbox 360), we can expect a new engine and much better graphics at least. So this probably could be the biggest change we have seen in the franchise since CoD 4. In that sense at least, this has a big chance of being the best CoD game till now. With the power of the next gen consoles and the funding that Activision has, this game could be epic.

    For now though the big news is that Sledgehammer has not replaced any of the other studios, merely joined them. So basically now Activision just moved to a three-year development cycle with three different teams: Sledgehammer, Treyarch, Infinity Ward. So we will see CoD games coming out every year but each of which would have 3 years in development which should technically allow more time to really perfect each game.

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