Two new DLC Costume Packs for Injustice

New DLC Packs Injustice

NetherRealm has recently added two brand new costume packs available to download as DLC for their DC super hero based Injustice: Gods Among Us.

The two new packs include the Teen Titans pack which includes a new alternate costume for Cartoon Networks’ Raven, Cyborg and Deathstroke, and the Bad Girls pack, which includes a new costume for three of the badder girls found within the DC universe. Players will get access to the Classic Harley Quinn costume, Catwoman’s Selina Kyle style suit, and Wonder Woman #600 version of the Amazonian princess.

Both costume packs cost $2.99 each and won’t be included in the Injustice season pass unfortunately.

If you want to get yourself a free skin though, players can download a compatibility patch that comes with a free flashpoint skin for Batman.

Written by David Ausberry

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