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  • Titanfall PC Requirements Revealed


    Just recently the requirements for one of the most anticipated FPSs, Titanfall, has been revealed. This reveal came from none other than Vince Zampella, boss of the Respawn (creators of Titanfall).

    The minimum PC requirements for the game are as stated:

    • 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1

    • AMD Athlon X2 2.8GHz or Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz

    • 4GB RAM

    • 512MB VRAM, Radeon HD 4770 or GeForce 8800GT

    In response to whether the game will make its way to Mac he said, "talking about it, would like to see it happen. Would have to be after launch."

    The game will be releasing on the 14th of March, 2014 in the UK and on the 11th of March in the US. Titanfall will be available on PC, Xbox One and later on the Xbox 360.

    Also in regards to the PC version, it has also been confirmed that in order to play Titanfall gamers will have to sign up to Origin (EA’s digital platform). This news again came straight from Vince.

    Vince replied to replied to one of his tweeter followers who claimed he would not buy the game if he had to sign up for Origin with “yes it does, we'll miss you :(" and “I'll also ask that you give origin a try for the beta, costs you nothing."

    Console players however don’t have to worry about this as Xbox One and 360 version of the game do not require Origin.



    There is a spot of bad news for us guys. It seems that Ubisoft has decided to delay the highly anticipated Watch Dogs. Even The Crew will be delayed it seems. Watch Dogs was initially set to be released during November 2013, while the crew was to come out by March 2014. Now Ubisoft has confirmed that Watch Dogs will be released somewhere between April and June 2014, and The Crew will be released between July and September 2014. This is what Ubisoft had to say in their official blog.

    "Our ambition from the start with Watch Dogs has been to deliver something that embodies what we wanted to see in the next-generation of gaming. It is with this in mind that we’ve made the tough decision to delay the release until spring 2014.

    We know a lot of you are probably wondering: Why now? We struggled with whether we would delay the game. But from the beginning, we have adopted the attitude that we will not compromise on quality. As we got closer to release, as all the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place in our last push before completion, it became clear to us that we needed to take the extra time to polish and fine tune each detail so we can deliver a truly memorable and exceptional experience.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you. We thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the way you respond on the web, at events, press conferences and other opportunities we have to interact. Your passion keeps us motivated. We can’t wait to see you in Chicago next spring. We are confident you’ll love this game as much as we love working on it."

    In a separate statement Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Cuillemot had this to say,

    "Our long term goal is to win the next generation. The tough decisions we are taking today to fully realize the major potential of our new creations have an impact on our short-term performance. We are convinced that, longer term, they will prove to be the right decisions both in terms of satisfaction for our fans and in terms of value creation for our shareholders. We are building franchises that will become perennial pillars of Ubisoft’s financial performance. In a context of growing successes for mega-blockbusters, the additional time given to the development of our titles will allow them to fulfill their huge ambitions and thus offer players even more exceptional experiences.

    Fueled by strong momentum for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, calendar 2014 will see the return of growth to the console market. Combined with the quality of our line-up and our strong financial situation, this growth will allow us to achieve record operating income in fiscal 2014-15 and 2015-16."

    So there you have it guys. It might sound like an idea to gain more money but if they are really serious about making the game even better, then it is a win-win situation. I just hope they don’t delay it any further.



    Map size has become a huge thing, with games like Skyrim and GTA V leading the way. But it seems Ubisoft has a take on the world map when it came to Watch Dogs. They are going with the age old line, size isn’t everything.

    Although Jonathan Morin, creative director of Watch Dogs, did mention that the world map of the game will be "huge," he clarified that the size of the map was not to the key aspect here, the density of it was. In a recent interview Morin compared the world map of Watch Dogs to GTA V.

    "GTA5 has a huge world but it has flying, it has jets so it serves that purpose. You don't have a jet unless you have the space to fly into. Us, we have huge density, so if we double or triple the scale then you're going to start hitting repetition because we wanted to aim for the density first. We wanted the game to be the right size for that density, so it's a matter of balancing what you want to achieve."

    He also mentioned that they gameplay might require players to "stand still and profile people for ten minutes," during which time you are actually playing without moving. He said that this was of importance to him since the experience during that time was way better than just moving from one point to another.

    And yes, it has been confirmed that Watch Dogs will not include airplanes. Your only mode of transportation would be ground based. Another fun fact that came up was that the game will be running at a steady 30FPS on the PS4 and Xbox One. So if you are one of those gamers who dislike this frame rate, maybe you might want to stick to current gen version.


    Forza 5 Alps gameplay race

    If you are yet to experience the beauty of Forza Motorsport 5, a new gameplay video is the perfect remedy. The video shows lush visuals, realistic sounds, sights and pretty much everything you need in a game to make you drool at the screen.

    Okay, maybe it’s not that impressive, but Turn 10 truly have made a beautiful game out of Forza 5, and they have released a new gameplay video showing a player racing across the Bernese Alps to prove it.

    Everything is so shiny and lifelike. It’s incredibly impressive that even at 170 km/h you can still take in the awesome scenery around you, and the thing I like about Forza 5 is that they have managed to make it actually feel as if you’re really driving at 150+ km/h, which is something that many racing games fail to do.

    The shading and lighting effects are really pretty too, and personally I cannot wait to give Forza 5 a spin.

    If you want to watch the video you can do so here. The game has been rated E for everyone, but be warned, it includes comic mischief, whatever that means.



    All right! DICE recently detailed the different classes that we will get to play this time around in Battlefield 4 multiplayer. The classes as before include – Assault, Recon, Engineer and Support. This was revealed in a blog post by Alan Kertz, the core gameplay designer for BF4, where he gave some pretty good details as to what each class will entail. First thing to know is that all of these classes will be available in American, Chinese and Russian variants.

    According to Kertz, even though they started creating the classes from their existing forms in Battlefield 3, by the time they were done, they ended up being quite different from what they were initially. He highlighted the Engineer class saying that,

    "This time around the Engineer has a lot more variation in anti-vehicle weapons. We’ve also revamped the way we do vehicle disables and guided weapon systems to give the Engineer a broader set of tactics at his disposal. This includes everything from high damage weapons that may be more challenging to use (like RPG-7V2) to fire-and-forget smart weapons with low damage (like the MBT LAW), and the fan favorite Wire Guided Engineer Missile (the FGM-172 SRAW) that you might recognize from Battlefield 2."

    As for the Support class, it is now going to have more offensive capabilities. In addition to the C4 and Claymores which will make their comeback from BF3, this class will also get additional stuff to allow greater diversity in combat i.e. an XM25 for indirect suppressive fire, a remote mortar for long range attacks, and the ability to use both carbines and DMRs. As before, Assault will still remain the primary run-and-gun class while simultaneously acting as medics. Along with med kits and defibrillators they will also receive First Aid Kit and a 40mm Flash Bang.

    And finally for Recon, Kertz mentions that it has "gotten a much needed boost to mobility, as well as the return of the Spec Ops play style from Battlefield 2. Pack a carbine, C4 (or Claymores), and Motion Sensors and you’re good to go behind enemy lines. Fans of more traditional sniping roles will enjoy our revamped sniping mechanics with rebalanced Sniper Rifles, the ability to zero your sights (set an aiming distance), and additional optics and accessories. Finally, the Recon players can still utilize the MAV, T-UGS, and Radio Beacon to help out their team."

    So there you have it guys. Battlefield 4 will be available on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC come October 29th in the US. As the launch date gets closer more news is definitely going to appear, so make sure to keep an eye out for our updates.

  • Tomb Raider Sequel for Next Generation Console “well into development”


    It is no surprise, given the critical acclaims the Tomb Raider reboot has garnered, that Square Enix is already preparing a second serving of the adventure game starring the iconic Lara Croft. Square Enix CEO Phil Rogers confirmed in an open letter to the public that the sequel will come to next-generation consoles.

    “I am also excited to reveal that we are well into development on a next-generation Tomb Raider sequel - something you may have heard about recently,” he said in the letter. Although no further details have been announced, the CEO remarked that the company plans to “offer gamers more choice, support more platforms and try new things” in the future.

    I personally loved this version of Lara and can’t wait to see what more they have planned for her. They made a solid origin story, now it’s time to impress us by showing how tough as nails she can be!

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