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Modded Controllers

Our modded controllers allow gamers to reach their true potential. Our mods are available for every major console with an extensive mod library to support every type of player. We offer the fastest rapid fire in the marketplace in addition to the most sought after mods such as Auto Spot, Drop Shot and Fast Reload. These mods are easy to operate and easy to learn. Purchase our Mega Mod and obtain all of our mods available for that console.

Mega Mod
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Modded Xbox One Controllers

Modded Xbox One Controllers

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Xbox One Modded Controllers
Modded PS4 Controllers

Modded PS4 Controllers

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Modded Xbox 360 Controllers

Modded Xbox 360 Controllers

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Modded PS3 Controllers

Modded PS3 Controllers

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Mega Mod Features

Enhanced Gameplay Mods

Mods give you a distinct advantage over your opponents and allow you to increase your Kill-to-Death ratio, immediately. Rapid Fire increases your weapon's rate of fire and is adjustable to work with every play style. Each of our mods can be devastating in the hands of the right player. In unison our mods increase the damage you deal, improve the flow of the game and help you escape dire situations by making more options available.

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Games Compatible With Our Mods

Our modded controllers are designed to work with every major release. Our Adjustable Rapid Fire is compatible with every shooter and our additional features are programmed specifically for games in the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises. The list below shows the most popular titles our controllers are used for, but many of our mods are compatible with previous game releases and will be compatible with games released in the future.

Titanfall Mods
Call of Duty Ghosts Mods
COD: Ghosts
Halo4 Mods
Halo 4
Battlefield 4 Mods
Battlefield 4
Black Ops 2 Mods
Black Ops 2
Deadrising 3 Mods
Deadrising 3
Garden Warfare Mods
Garden Warfare
Metal of Honor Warfighter Mods
Mass Effect 3 Mods
Mass Effect 3
Gears of War 3 Mods
Gears of War 3
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Ready to Make an Epic Modded Controller?

You won't find the level of customization we offer, anywhere else. All of our controllers include a six month warranty and are personally tested by our technicians before we ship them to you. We believe in great customer service and great quality products. Design your controller today and take your gaming to the next level.

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