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PlayStation 4 : The DualShock 4

While the PS4 console has just recently been revealed, the PS4 controller, the dualshock 4, can be broken down.

The PS4 controller features new additions like the light bar on the backside of the controller.  The light bar works by communicating to the PS4 the location of each player within a room, thus allowing the Ps4 Controller to  reconfigure split screen orientations within games to match the location of each player.

The touch pad is also a new addition to PS4 controller. The touch pad is multitouch and allows players to use it the same way they use their common touch devices. There is also a port for the headset on the bottom side of the Dual Shock 4 and the controller itself includes speakers that are more relevant to an individual player, than all players, for increased immersion.

The Playstation 4 feature we’re most excited about at Controller Creator is the Share Button. The share button is the button you use to record your gameplay or to take screen shots of your game. This allows players to share their personal in game accomplishments with their friends!

Controller Creator is excited to begin creating modded PS4 Controllers as well as Xbox One controllers, so be sure to check back to to see all our new PS4 products!